January 10, 2011

ITALY Regions 6 7 8 Property: Nightclub + DJ

Last October, we featured a glimpse into the future of Italy Village properties, highlighting the Nightclub.  The assumption has been that the Nightclub will be available when Mafia Wars releases Italy Regions 6, 7, and 8.  New information from Zynga confirms that theory.

Each Italy Village property requires 4 parts in common (Italian Wood, Marble Slab, Terracotta Tiles, and Stone Columns) - plus a "unique part" - to upgrade.  For example, the Football Stadium required the Football Player, found in NAPOLI, while the Winery required you to stock up on Wine Barrels in PALERMO.

The unique part for the Nightclub will be the DJ.

This post will teach you - before the Nightclub even becomes available - on how to stock up on the DJ, that you'll need to move your Nightclub from Level I to Level X.  This trick has been floating around for a couple months, so credit goes to the many sites that have promoted it, and whoever created it.

The trick requires you to use the tool known as "Unframe-MW", that has been explained in prior posts on posting Operations and Free Gift Links.  For a primer on using "Unframe-MW", check out THIS POST or THIS POST.

Getting the DJ requires 3 easy steps:

1. Once in Mafia Wars, click on Unframe-MW (your screen will lose any white borders or headers and appear mostly black - but all of Mafia Wars' functionality remains).

2. Go to your Italy Village in the unframed version of Mafia Wars.

3. Copy the following text EXACTLY as written below, into your web browser, and press ENTER or GO as though you were trying to go to a website:


You should then see this screen come up - type a message into it and post it to your wall.

Hopefully, your Mafia will send you some DJs so you have some in advance when the Nightclub opens.  This chart from Zynga shows how many DJs you will need for each upgrade level of your Nightclub.

As with the other 5 Italy Village Properties, you'll need a total of 108 of the unique part - here, the DJ - to finish your Nightclub.  (You'll also need a slew of the 4 basic Italy upgrade parts - harder now that the Terracotta Tiles and Stone Column links work less frequently).  

These photos show the four stages of the Nightclub while it is being developed from Level I through Level IX.  The property will improve in appearance at Levels III, V, VII, and IX.

Your completed, Level X Nightclub will look like this:

Admittedly, while this is a neat trick to "get ahead" by collecting DJs before the release of Italy Regions 6, 7, and 8, the unique Italy Village Property items were simple enough to get by doing the "Property Job" in each Italy Region.  But it's nice to get a head start anyway.  

You can keep track of how many DJs you have by going to the Inventory tab, clicking Filter, and typing "DJ" - so far, I have 9 DJs.

More information about the DJ is available from clicking on the small square in your Inventory list, to bring up this window:

One tip: If you have requested an Italy Village Property item through the screen in your Italy Village saying "Ask Your Mafia to Send" in the 24 hours before trying this trick, it won't work.

Also, if you are not (i) in unframed mode and (ii) in your Italy Village when you copy the javascript into your browser and press Enter, this won't work.

But try it out and enjoy collecting the DJ in advance!

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  1. Strange, this only worked once for me, in Chrome, and for my secondary account. My primary wont trigger this "ask for" in any browser.

  2. doesn't work for me either..using chrome

  3. what's the java script for other items like terracotta..

  4. not working for me either.

  5. Totally worked for me this is the second time. Now where do I get the same type of java script for Stone Column & Terracotta Tiles. PLEASE help..

  6. not any response. no reaction from the entry

  7. Nothing for me either using google crome

  8. for those tl:dr, you must be able to ask for parts in Italy. So if you have asked for any material in the last 24h, the script wont work.

  9. a-ok.
    firefox people

  10. works - (informing unaware mafia of this backstage pass) ;)

  11. works for me like a charm in chrome. already have 65 of them, woo hoo!

  12. It's been working Perfect for me....Thanks for sharing. ;)

  13. Works perfectly for me daily.
    You can only ask for this item if you are fully upgraded in all properties in Italy and once every 23 hours.
    Thanks for sharing.!