January 29, 2011

NEW Top 4 Fight Loot Items

With the high energy and stamina costs - and endless need for Gate Loot - for jobs in Calabria, Citta Del Vaticano, and The Eternal City, four recent Fight Loot items came as a pleasant surprise.  

These items drop from fighting (not from Fight Path jobs) and have attack or defense stats of 74 or 75 - better than any Job Loot in Italy except for the Sea Eagle.  

The new, top 4 Fight Loot features one item from each type (Weapon, Vehicle, Armor, Animal):

These 4 items replace the still-available "Best of the Best Fight Loot" (Phantasm, Nyala, M45 Overcast, and Ottoman Krug) featured just three months ago in this post.    

Happy hunting!

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  1. Hey Cal,
    Any chance we could have the 'add to wishlist' link for these (at least the seabird) :)

    Thx d00d

  2. Be careful with your post, you FORGOT ROMAN LEGION WEAPON OF ITALY REGION 8 ETERNAL CITY WITH 74 ATTACK 58 DEFENSE; an also M45 (attack) AND OTTOMAN KRUG (defense ) CANNOT be replaced with the above items cause the weapon tainted blades are DEFENSE item and toxic gas scrubber is ATTACK armor is totally the OPPOSITE of what you mentioned.

  3. fight club different too V_V

  4. either there's a real big gaping whole or something is going on. I fought someone yesterday who had 400 poison frogs, and 400 tainted blades.

  5. I haven't received any of the above in 1000+ fights. :(

  6. these loots have stopped dropping for me... anyone having this problem?

  7. i never get any of these, i am level 155 and they never drop, but i do 500 fights a day! how come they are just not dropping?

  8. Musta fixed it by now; I got 19 of these in ~3k fights.

  9. Usually not a conspiracy theorist, but if you have ever used the live chat option the helpers at zynga can do pretty much anything to your account. Like adding 100 or so poison frogs and tainted blades. Just a thought.