January 8, 2011

The Pawn Shop

In the Mafia Wars Marketplace, you can now visit Trader Goh's Pawn Shop.   Here you will find high-stat items that you can acquire by trading in other items in your Inventory.

There is some very good loot here, with attack or defense stats reaching the low 80s:

If you select an item to trade, you are shown how many of your own items, at each level (Common, Rare, etc. - as defined in the Inventory page) you need to trade in.

But this is not a pure loot-for-loot pawn shop.  Even the lowest-end items require you to spend 1 Reward Point as part of the swap.  

To get items that have better stats than items that drop from jobs or fights (like the Phantasm or Nyala), you need to spend between 2 and 7 Reward Points - each.  

With rumors that new Italy Regions will be out shortly, you may want to save your Reward Points for energy and stamina refills to plow through the new jobs, which will likely drop high-end loot as well.

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  1. save your RPs and wait 4 new italian regions :D J.S

  2. That was the consensus we came up with. Unless you're a lower to mid level and this stuff really helps. However great this concept was, adding in RP pretty much ruined it. I rather do a stamina or energy boost and take my chances on HEL from Vegas and Italy. No matter how it averages out I'd get a better bump from fighting than from buying any 1 item. Good luck all, and hurry up with Italy678

    I've been trying the terracotta tile link but it hasnt been working..anyway around it?

  4. id say instead of a RP cost for each trade they should have put a timer on trades - like the timer on the Italy Port purchases and Fight Club. Even increased tiers of waiting time between trades would be fine so it is a few days wait between the really high end stuff and maybe a couple of hours for the worse stuff. Instead they want us to spend money. Not quite worth it.

  5. Having said that, 1RP (plus junk) for a 63/40 weapon isn't too bad a trade. It all depends what the high end Italy missions drop, and how frequently. It might take 100,000 energy worth of jobs to get some of the rumoured kit.

  6. Pawn shop is great if you're already maxed on HEL. Better value than mystery crates. I am spending 7 rp for an attack gain of 15. No good though if the new HEL from Italy compares favourably, but I doubt the attack/defence values will jump to the high 70's/low 80's.

  7. Pawn shop is really good for mid level players,you can always buy Brown pelicans with 64 defense to improve defense. Bolla from italy port is(68/55) and Warthog(62/50), spending just 1 RP per Pelican it's worth!