January 2, 2011

Save Your Dr. Dre Gifts!

Even if you've finished the Hustlin' Wit Dre challenge all three times, save any left over Beats, Certified Platinums, or Doctors Orders.

If previous "collection" challenges are any guide, after January 7, the unopened Dre items will turn into Mystery Bags.  As in, dozens and dozens of Mystery Bags, if you've stored up enough extras.  

So don't open them, don't throw them away.  In fact,  keep collecting more if you can.

If you accept these AFTER January 7,
you should be swimming in extra Mystery Bags.

Your Facebook Games Request page has duplicates of
everything in your Mafia Wars Envelope... so get both!

Remember, you have extra Dre items both in your Mafia Wars Free Gift Envelope and in your Facebook Game Requests page - so you can use the Double Your Free Gifts trick here, just like you (hopefully) did to complete the Dre challenge in the first place. 

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  1. Mafia Wars FREE ENERGY to help you stack up your jobs faster. Every day we are giving away a gift on the fan page until January 4th as a thank you for being a fan! http://zyn.ga/2Ac

    Woah woah, you missed this one Calvin!

  2. For me, it seems that only some of the gifts go into my Mafia wars envelope. Maybe half? Not sure. But I still get a good amount of duplicates.