February 20, 2011

Five Gold Treasure Chests Opened...

A couple weeks ago, I posted the results as I opened four Gold Treasure Chests.  

Having come across five more Golden Keys since then, I thought I'd take another run at finding something useful.

Judge for yourself...

*CHEST #1*

*CHEST #2*

*CHEST #3*

*CHEST #4*

*CHEST #5*

Unfortunately, none of these items make my top 501.

With Fight Loot items' stats in the mid 70s, and Fight Club items' stats in the low 70s - as well as numerous Job Loot items' stats in the 70s from Italy's Citta Del Vaticano and The Eternal City, it's REALLY time to stop blogging about the garbage in Treasure Chests upgrade the Treasure Chest Loot.

By the way, has anyone gotten a Silver Treasure Chest Key recently??  If not, I'm not sure what to do with these 134 items...

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February 18, 2011

Atlantic City 4 - CAMDEN COUNTY

Mafia Wars recently released Chapter 4 of ATLANTIC CITY - the "mobile" Mafia Wars location (though you can play on your desktop or laptop).

The new location is CAMDEN COUNTY, which is a major geographical error.  While I took issue with the overbroad geographical labeling of Atlantic City 3: SOUTH JERSEY, at least Atlantic City is IN South Jersey.  But more on that later - let's check out the new location.

CAMDEN COUNTY has the same structure as previous Atlantic City chapters: six jobs, with Bronze, Silver, Gold and Ruby levels for each.   There's not much excitement on the way - just this icon as you finish each level:

Sadly, there is not any new job loot in CAMDEN COUNTY.  The prior chapter - SOUTH JERSEY - had the Pickpocket, the Ground Hugger, and the Frilled Lizard - nothing with huge stats, but interesting because you could only get them in Atlantic City. 

CAMDEN COUNTY also has those items as job loot, and some decent Las Vegas items - the Diamondback and Range Finder Rifle - but nothing top tier, and nothing you couldn't previously get in SOUTH JERSEY.

But the new "iPod" layout will probably cause Apple to sue Zynga for trademark infringement is pretty neat:

Come to think of it, if you DO play Mafia Wars: Atlantic City on your iPod, do you get confused because there is a button on the screen right above the button on your iPod??

Anyway, in addition to the one-stop shopping of collecting from all of your Properties that is the neatest feature of Atlantic City overall, SOUTH JERSEY offers you 24 Skill Points for completing the four levels - not a bad use of your Energy if you've completed Italy.  The XP:Energy ratio is pretty low, but Atlantic City has never been about leveling.

The reward for completing SOUTH JERSEY is the Parkour Master, an Armor item with sub-type "Legs" (???) and very nice 105/121 stats.

Now for some geography ranting.  Let's go back to the map of New Jersey that we analyzed in Atlantic City 3: SOUTH JERSEY:

Atlantic City is in...ATLANTIC County.  Not Camden County.  Using CAMDEN COUNTY as the name for a new Atlantic City location makes about as much sense as if Mafia Wars released Las Vegas Chapter 9: UTAH, or Moscow Episode 7: CHINA.  

Here's something else totally irrelevant that irked me - once I accepted that the new location was called CAMDEN COUNTY (where I grew up, hence the hysteria), the names of the jobs were the next insult:

I don't think this is unique to New Jersey, but COUNTIES DON'T HAVE MAYORS.  Cities do.  So what mayor are we blackmailing?  For that matter, what CITY Council are we stacking in a COUNTY?

I am assuming Zynga's next release will focus specifically on civics, geography, and local politics.  Now THAT would be fun.

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February 16, 2011

February FREE Points Calendar

The blog is alive and well and will be back to full steam shortly - but in the meantime, don't miss Mafia Wars' February calendar of FREE POINTS from February 16th to 28th.

You can get Energy, Skill, Attack, Defense, Health, and Stamina Points over the next 13 days.To get to the correct Facebook page each day and claim your point,

>>> CLICK HERE <<<

Please click SHARE above, so your Mafia will also benefit each day!

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February 9, 2011

2 FREE Reward Points Through Feb 15

for 2 free Reward Points

Now through February 15th

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February 6, 2011

Free Stamina Point - February 6

Free Stamina Point
Sunday February 6th

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February 1, 2011

Four Gold Treasure Chests Opened...

If you collect(ed) baseball cards, you've probably seen  websites where people open random packs and show you what cards they got.  In a sense, it feels like you have absolutely nothing better to look at on the Internet are opening the packs yourself.

In that spirit, realizing I had 4 Gold Treasure Chest keys, I popped the treasure chests tonight and thought I'd share the "AWESOME STUFF" I received.

I can remember opening treasure chests and getting 20 and 50 RPs, or items that blew away my top 501 in stats.  With that expectation in mind, I opened Treasure Chest #1 to find..

Wonderful!  A Scissor Sister! I wonder if this is one of the members of the alt-rock band Scissor Sisters?  Either way, the 28/51 stats would only be useful if today were President Obama's January 2009 inauguration you are a relatively new player. 

Even though Mafia Wars hypes every Gold Treasure Chest as containing "awesome stuff!", I gave Treasure Chest #1 an 'F' on the awesome scale.  

On to Treasure Chest #2, where I uncovered...

Not as bad as #1, but an Animal with 58 Attack - while better than the Diamondback from Las Vegas - is beneath the Meadow Viper (62A) and Sea Eagle (74A) from Italy.  

In any event, since you can't trade Treasure Chest Loot, the Diamondback is the highest attack Animal that you can gift, trade, or put on your Wish List.  Still, the Hopi Rattle Snake might bump your Mafia Attack stats up a couple points.  So I award it a 'C' on the awesome scale.

Treasure Chest #3 revealed some "awesome stuff" (of course) in the form of...

A vehicle with 62 attack points appears decent - and is better than any attack Vehicle in Vegas - but is well below the Phantasm (67A) that has dropping as Fight Loot out since Nancy Pelosi watched a red tidal wave hit the House of Representatives early November.

In 2011, however, the Remorra Gray is useless, given the superior attack Vehicles from the new Italy regions: the Giove Velocita from Calabria (65A), the Pontiff-1 from Citta Del Vaticano (66A), and the Marco Marino AF from The Eternal City (68A). 

So Treasure Chest #3 gets a 'D' on the awesome scale.  

On to the final Treasure Chest...

Treasure Chest #4 actually is the best of the four, because Vehicles with defense above 60 have been hard to come by.  This is why the Foo Fighter has held its value for so long and remains a top trade item.

The Popemobile from Citta Del Vaticano (62D) also edges out the Foo Fighter, but two weeks ago, nothing much did - other than the coveted Jackal ATV from the Secure Rudolph Operation (67D).  

So I awarded Chest #4 a 'B' on the awesome scale.

Overall, though, Treasure Chests are just there to open when you stumble upon a Golden Key in your Secret Drop.  The loot can barely keep up with the current state of Mafia Wars, and I haven't seen RPs come out of a Treasure Chest in awhile.   

It should go without saying that NO ONE should spend so much time playing a computer game their valuable time blogging about a computer game Reward Points to open a Treasure Chest. 

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