February 18, 2011

Atlantic City 4 - CAMDEN COUNTY

Mafia Wars recently released Chapter 4 of ATLANTIC CITY - the "mobile" Mafia Wars location (though you can play on your desktop or laptop).

The new location is CAMDEN COUNTY, which is a major geographical error.  While I took issue with the overbroad geographical labeling of Atlantic City 3: SOUTH JERSEY, at least Atlantic City is IN South Jersey.  But more on that later - let's check out the new location.

CAMDEN COUNTY has the same structure as previous Atlantic City chapters: six jobs, with Bronze, Silver, Gold and Ruby levels for each.   There's not much excitement on the way - just this icon as you finish each level:

Sadly, there is not any new job loot in CAMDEN COUNTY.  The prior chapter - SOUTH JERSEY - had the Pickpocket, the Ground Hugger, and the Frilled Lizard - nothing with huge stats, but interesting because you could only get them in Atlantic City. 

CAMDEN COUNTY also has those items as job loot, and some decent Las Vegas items - the Diamondback and Range Finder Rifle - but nothing top tier, and nothing you couldn't previously get in SOUTH JERSEY.

But the new "iPod" layout will probably cause Apple to sue Zynga for trademark infringement is pretty neat:

Come to think of it, if you DO play Mafia Wars: Atlantic City on your iPod, do you get confused because there is a button on the screen right above the button on your iPod??

Anyway, in addition to the one-stop shopping of collecting from all of your Properties that is the neatest feature of Atlantic City overall, SOUTH JERSEY offers you 24 Skill Points for completing the four levels - not a bad use of your Energy if you've completed Italy.  The XP:Energy ratio is pretty low, but Atlantic City has never been about leveling.

The reward for completing SOUTH JERSEY is the Parkour Master, an Armor item with sub-type "Legs" (???) and very nice 105/121 stats.

Now for some geography ranting.  Let's go back to the map of New Jersey that we analyzed in Atlantic City 3: SOUTH JERSEY:

Atlantic City is in...ATLANTIC County.  Not Camden County.  Using CAMDEN COUNTY as the name for a new Atlantic City location makes about as much sense as if Mafia Wars released Las Vegas Chapter 9: UTAH, or Moscow Episode 7: CHINA.  

Here's something else totally irrelevant that irked me - once I accepted that the new location was called CAMDEN COUNTY (where I grew up, hence the hysteria), the names of the jobs were the next insult:

I don't think this is unique to New Jersey, but COUNTIES DON'T HAVE MAYORS.  Cities do.  So what mayor are we blackmailing?  For that matter, what CITY Council are we stacking in a COUNTY?

I am assuming Zynga's next release will focus specifically on civics, geography, and local politics.  Now THAT would be fun.

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  1. Phil, I got 5 Parkour, some folks got 10 when they delayed finishing the last job tier and went on plugging the penultimate job tier. I was impatient ;-) Glitch ? Who knows ? Usually, if you go through the forums in mw, Zynga always releases something in a glut in the beginning and carefully watch the game stats, if the first players quickly accumulate those items they instantly reduce the drop rate, just like the NEW FIGHT LOOT. The players with massive stamina who used Brawler got 400 pieces each of tainted blades, venomous, etc., within a week.

    Case in point ... " Originally Posted by Blue Eyed Nate QUESTION - Will loot drops be increased?
    ZYNGA answer - It depends on which. We feel like the Italy property drops were a bit too tight, and the next city will be a little easier. We introduced some new high end loot drops for Italy 6-7-8, we are monitoring how many of those people are accumulating, and will raise (or lower!) the drop rates as needed. "


  2. I am not sure about the "no new loot part" I think i got 2x

    "Gray Fox 55 42" I am not sure if they are new since Camden County but i saw the pictures while doing jobs there, so they dropped from Atlantic City and i only have 2, so i don't think they have been there before...

  3. Probably a iPhone and not an iPod...just saying. Thanks for your wonderful blog though :)

  4. This is hysterical, since I'm just south of Philly and KNOW that Camden is not the county Atlantic City is in and counties don't have mayors! You hit the nail on the head. If Zynga is going to give us a game that mimics real areas, at least make the areas REAL.
    Thanks for your awesome blog by the way. I like to think I've become a better player by following some, if not all, of your awesome tips! Keep up the great work!

  5. This is probably a strange question, but outside of iPhone users, I have a regular "smart phone". I do NOT, however, have a data plan. I'm guessing one is required to play MW on your phone? The only reason I ask is what little I found about it from Zynga acts like it is completely text messaging based, so I'm a bit confused.

  6. I love that you're so agitated about the county thing. I still can't believe those dummies can't spell Vise (for the armory)...a vice won't help much in that regard!