February 1, 2011

Four Gold Treasure Chests Opened...

If you collect(ed) baseball cards, you've probably seen  websites where people open random packs and show you what cards they got.  In a sense, it feels like you have absolutely nothing better to look at on the Internet are opening the packs yourself.

In that spirit, realizing I had 4 Gold Treasure Chest keys, I popped the treasure chests tonight and thought I'd share the "AWESOME STUFF" I received.

I can remember opening treasure chests and getting 20 and 50 RPs, or items that blew away my top 501 in stats.  With that expectation in mind, I opened Treasure Chest #1 to find..

Wonderful!  A Scissor Sister! I wonder if this is one of the members of the alt-rock band Scissor Sisters?  Either way, the 28/51 stats would only be useful if today were President Obama's January 2009 inauguration you are a relatively new player. 

Even though Mafia Wars hypes every Gold Treasure Chest as containing "awesome stuff!", I gave Treasure Chest #1 an 'F' on the awesome scale.  

On to Treasure Chest #2, where I uncovered...

Not as bad as #1, but an Animal with 58 Attack - while better than the Diamondback from Las Vegas - is beneath the Meadow Viper (62A) and Sea Eagle (74A) from Italy.  

In any event, since you can't trade Treasure Chest Loot, the Diamondback is the highest attack Animal that you can gift, trade, or put on your Wish List.  Still, the Hopi Rattle Snake might bump your Mafia Attack stats up a couple points.  So I award it a 'C' on the awesome scale.

Treasure Chest #3 revealed some "awesome stuff" (of course) in the form of...

A vehicle with 62 attack points appears decent - and is better than any attack Vehicle in Vegas - but is well below the Phantasm (67A) that has dropping as Fight Loot out since Nancy Pelosi watched a red tidal wave hit the House of Representatives early November.

In 2011, however, the Remorra Gray is useless, given the superior attack Vehicles from the new Italy regions: the Giove Velocita from Calabria (65A), the Pontiff-1 from Citta Del Vaticano (66A), and the Marco Marino AF from The Eternal City (68A). 

So Treasure Chest #3 gets a 'D' on the awesome scale.  

On to the final Treasure Chest...

Treasure Chest #4 actually is the best of the four, because Vehicles with defense above 60 have been hard to come by.  This is why the Foo Fighter has held its value for so long and remains a top trade item.

The Popemobile from Citta Del Vaticano (62D) also edges out the Foo Fighter, but two weeks ago, nothing much did - other than the coveted Jackal ATV from the Secure Rudolph Operation (67D).  

So I awarded Chest #4 a 'B' on the awesome scale.

Overall, though, Treasure Chests are just there to open when you stumble upon a Golden Key in your Secret Drop.  The loot can barely keep up with the current state of Mafia Wars, and I haven't seen RPs come out of a Treasure Chest in awhile.   

It should go without saying that NO ONE should spend so much time playing a computer game their valuable time blogging about a computer game Reward Points to open a Treasure Chest. 

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  1. Unless they have JUST changed the stuff in the boxes (which they seem to do every two months) there is no chance I waste my keys on them...the first day they come out, I have quite a few keys saved up and usually hit one or two RP caches and the stuff inside has an outside chance of making my 501, at least for a few weeks...

    New set should be coming soon, so here's hoping...

  2. Now till Valentines day. you can use energy packs every 8 hours.

  3. I say give me all your unused keys. Stuff still helps me out now and then!

  4. hey, i have been wondering, since the change of the inventory section, itens now have subtypes, like person and such, you reckon theyre gonna make them into new categories, remember how animals used to be weapons/armour/vehicles?

    that would give them a shitton of new items to create, give them more time for a possible mafiawars2, and make us play this game longer.

  5. The new missions are up for those who finished them the first time around. And then the second time around. lol. seems they're trying to create more dynamic content, and keep people involved. The game has potential. but there's an end of the road for everything.

  6. I opened 45 gold tresure chest once thinking i will get many RP.., but got only 30 RP(20 on 1 & 10 on 1).. remaning 43 i got items only..
    zynga tresure chests sucks..

  7. Those stupid bastards can't even spell Vise properly. (a viCe wouldn't help you at all in a shop, would it?) I've e-mailed them about this and got no response, even sent a screen shot of that along with the definition from Merriam-Webster's. They can change 'Missions' to Operations but can't get the spelling of a word right.

  8. I've about 90+ of these stocked,just open these when i get free keys from secret drops or daily take(where it drops on 6th day) ... opened one of these yesterday and GOT 50 REWARD POINTS, yes it's true

  9. With current inventory design I cant find the golden treasure chest?

    I got some gold treasure key where the treasure chest located? thanks

  10. goto inventory. click on view items. select Treasure Chest and click show items

  11. show inactive items.