March 30, 2011

Take Back the Street Mission Walkthrough

Here is the newest mission from Mafia Wars.  Once again, it is 6 parts and does require some time or some reward points.  It is a timed mission, so make sure you check the timer and get it done in time as there are some pretty good rewards!  Keep in mind that your experience earned from each is different due to your level.

Part 1:  Origin Story

Not too hard, but you need to select members from your mafia to help on this one as well.  If you time it right with the build and have a big mafia, this part shouldn't take too long.

Part 2:  R.E.S.P.E.C.T

The boss in this part has 14,000 health.  Easy if you are a fighter, but anyone who isn't, I suggest you utilize the "Get Help" button.  This is the most time consuming because you need to declare a war twice and with the 16 hour counter between wars, you will have to wait a considerable amount of time before you complete this.

Part 3:  Greed Is Great

Same old stuff.  7 helps from your awesome mafia this time and the boss has 16,000 health.

Part 4:  Town Painted Red

This requires some timing on your part with the "Collect from your Poker Room" part of it.  What I usually do when a new mission comes out is not collect on any properties until you are done and always collect on just the specific one in the mission, not the "Collect All" button.  The 5 backpack help step in here is a wall-posting one, not a Facebook request based one, so it's a little easier.  Just direct a couple friends to your wall via chat.  The Embargo Net in this one should easily fit in your top 10 defense weapons.

Part 5:  Battle: Las Vegas

Another War Declare required, so if you are counting, that's a total of 32 hours before you can declare all 3 wars required for this mission.  The Boss in this part has 18,000 health.  Might want to stock up on your Stun Guns and Shivs before taking this one on.

Part 6:  Blood and Wine

Auto Boutique in Italy needs to be collected.  Robbing - not a problem.  The boss has 20,000 health, but for some reason, every time I hit him, it did 5x the damage as the rest of them, so maybe he is just easier.  Regardless, there is a "Get Help" button, so use it if necessary.  Tons of experience for a reward and the Hawkeye Classic which is a great weapon for attack and defense.  That's it!!  Congrats, you are done :)
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  2. Thanks for the guide ;)
    But I think the experience we get depends on our level. Eg Battle: Las Vegas I'll get only 700 and not 4350 as showed in your pic :)
    You might be a high high high lvl than me :)

  3. Yes, thank you Amelia, I added in a disclaimer up top now reflecting it. The experience earned on the last should be right around 2x your level. Thanks for reading!!!

  4. Dang, i would like to add..I read elsewhere that there is possibility of dealing higher damage in Italy/Las Vegas..its worth checking out as most of us have nothing to lose but everything to gain! =)

  5. Thanks Scott!!! Let me know if there is anything you'd like to see on the site. I'm still new at this :)