April 29, 2011

Terminator vs. Rambo Event

The newest gifting event is similar to the Super Bowl event and the initial Man vs. Woman fighting event.  You can collect 5 of each character which each take 10 of their respective gifts.  It is in your best interest to collect 5 of each because at the end whoever has the most completions will win.  The grand prize will either be the Get Down or Rambo's Head Band.

Grand Prize possibilities:

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New Upgrades for Private Zoo and Armory

The Armory and Private Zoo are upgradeable to level 15 just like the Weapons Depots and Chop Shop.  Here are the new build stats for both:

Armory -
Level 11-15 upgrade is 80 each (Hammer, Rivet, Furnace, Vice, Anvil)
Total 1-15 build is 161 each

Zoo -
Level 11-15 upgrade is 70 each (Aquarium, Big Cake, Bird Cage, Feeding Trough, Terrarium)
Total 1-15 build is 133 each

I'll be covering the new loot soon, but wanted to get this info out there.  Happy building!
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April 27, 2011

Brazil Precious Collection

Well, the Precious Collection in Brazil is one of the 3 most sought after collections in Mafia Wars now (joining the Lotto Collection and the new Superhero Collection).  This is not giftable and is very hard to get.  These can be obtained through collecting your Brazil properties, Daily Take Day 5, and from robbing Brazil properties.  I have spent over 1 million stamina robbing in Brazil and have not received a single one, so don't get your hopes up.  This collection initially will give you the My Precious Gun along with some stat boosters and can be revaulted once per day for a random reward.  Be sure to activate the Guardian in your Brazil Crew as it will help from any Precious Gems you have from being stolen.  You are safe from 1 of each being stolen without your Guardian in place, but if you have multiples of any, they can be stolen from your properties.  Good luck with this collection and happy icing!

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April 25, 2011

Crack the Safe

Crack the Safe should finally be rolled out to everyone's accounts.  This took weeks and although a lot of people were screaming that it wasn't fair, there is a cap to 100 times through on this, so eventually everyone should even out.  The concept with this is that new players will receive 100 awesome loots on their way to 501 mafia.  I know a lot of people are wondering about deleting mafia and friends to see if it would work, but it doesn't.  If you delete from mafia and from facebook friends, then add all back, you don't get credit, so don't get any ideas :)  Also, make sure you don't use the "Accept All" button on the Mafia recruit page as you will only get credit for 1 new member.  Accept all MW requests individually.  Be careful with adding friends on Facebook as there have been lots of players reporting 2 day blocks on friend adding and even some accounts being disabled and flagged as spammers due to excessive friend requests.  Here's some screenshots including the 5 loots you can get from getting 5 new mafia members.

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April 21, 2011

Against All Odds Mission Walkthrough

The newest Mafia Wars mission is heavily Vegas based and comes with new loot drops in Vegas as well.  Without further ado - here we go!!

Part 1:
Get 6 helps from your mafia.  Keep in mind that if your request you send out gets sent in-game too (from my experience, about half of these show up in your mafia's pop-up acceptance screen), that people can actually help you twice.  Accept in-game and then accept through facebook requests.  If you have some good people to rely on, this should go quick.  Loot 10 Sets of Cards through robbing is pretty fast too.  Took me 4 boards to get the 10 Sets.

Part 2:
Rob 15 times in Vegas (successfully).  The 12 Stubborn Con Artists are 8 Stamina each on the fight list.  Depends on timing, but the 2 builds in the Weapons Depot could take up to 36 hours (if you just built before starting this part).  Remember - Plan ahead on these!!

Part 3:
Another 8 helps from Mafia (seems to be increasingly important in these).  Take out 10 Neo-Imperium Operatives on the fight list (12 Stamina each).  The last step is a bit misleading.  Says to do "Break into a Luxury Suite" job in Vegas to loot Illegal Transaction Records.  This job is 136 Energy if you already mastered it and the ITRs only have about a 10% drop rate.  Go to the Steal Bank Records job in NYC and do the original ITR job for 27 Energy instead and the drop rate is almost 100%.  This will save a ton of energy.

Part 4:
Ice 6 opponents in Vegas may take a while, but if you have enough Stamina, should be easy enough.  Go to the robbing board and find a Table Games property to rob.  If successful, click on the profile, then click rob and repeat 7 more times.  After each rob, you will have to click the "Refresh (free)" button, but it's the quickest way to go.  Top defense Vehicles rewarded here and 5 of them at that :)

Part 5:
Easy enough to fight 24 opponents in Vegas, and yes, it's really just 24 attacks.  They don't have to be unique opponents.  Clear one board in Vegas and collect from your Restaurant 3 times.  This is a 12 hour timer, so it could take 36 hours on this one.

Part 6:
8 more helps.  My job step auto-completed for me.  Not sure if it will for all those who have mastered Vegas or not, but an easy step regardless.  Defeat John Yun which isn't too hard and you are done.  The boss had 22k health for me, but this number will vary.  Took 6 hits though, so not too bad.  Great mastery item and you are done!

Now, during this mission event, there is also 3x mastery in Vegas and 2 new loot drops from all jobs.  The mastery gives you 3x the percentage of job mastery as well as 3x the cash from jobs.  Once you reach 100% on an unmastered job though, the 3x cash stops and goes back to the original reward.  Here's the two new drops:

Pretty good stats on both and they should both make it into most player's arsenals.  Enjoy everyone!!
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April 20, 2011

New Mystery Bag Collection - The Superhero Collection

Zynga just released a new Mystery Bag Collection today.  Seems to be a very difficult collection at first glance as 200 opened bags yielded just 1 piece.  The vault bonus is very nice as it gives you 20 skill points to do with what you please.  There is no revault option, so anything you get after vaulting will be trade bait or gifts for your lucky mafia.  For those who are wondering, I added 3 of them to my wishlist before I opened all the bags and didn't get a single wishlist item.  I usually get 6-10 "You've received an item from your Wishlist" mystery bags per day.  Also, a few Mafia Wars players I talked to have said that they received a piece in a mystery bag and it did not show up in their inventory.  No word yet if this is a glitch in the display or the inventory system.  Good luck everybody!!

Update 4/20/11:  Talk to a Zynga rep and got this quote: "Just clarification, when you already found one that day in a mystery bag - any other means that you found a superhero collection item will be gone." So, after I picked one up from a mystery bag, the 2nd one I received from my 5 day Daily Take bonus made my first disappear.  Terrible terrible terrible practice by Zynga if you ask me.  A different rep confirmed that these will not drop as Wishlist Items and only 1 will drop per day.  So, if you received one on your Daily Take bonus, save your mystery bags for the following day or you will get Zynga'd.  Good luck on this one as it appears it will take a while even if you do play your cards right.

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April 18, 2011

Brazil Boss Missions - Ruby Level

Here's numbers 51-65.  As you can tell from the space between posts on these, it will probably take you a few weeks.  The health on these bosses vary from account to account, but just to warn you that on these missions, the health of my bosses was: 10k, 50k, 100k, 150k, 262.5k.  The last one took me over an hour to beat so they are tough.  Best advice on these is to START the boss fight in Vegas or Italy as it does the most damage.  Will do more damage to you, but will be easier to beat the boss in the long run.  Good luck with all of them.  The improvements in loots are definitely worth it.  Enjoy!!

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April 16, 2011

Arachnophobia Spam Event

Well, looks like they will keep going along this path of starting another spam event before the previous one is even over.  A lot of people are skipping these events now as Zynga has interpreted everyone doing them as people loving them.  Here's all the images and stats:

What you're after:
What you can buy with Harmless Spiders:
25 Harmless Spiders
 50 Harmless Spiders
 100 Harmless Spiders
 150 Harmless Spiders

Can get the usual 10 each from jobbing, robbing and fighting, 40 from free gifts, 10 from feeds and 5 from collecting one Poisonous Spider from feeds.  Plus there is the game which is a random in-game pop-up:

That's all the details folks.  Enjoy!!!
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