April 21, 2011

Against All Odds Mission Walkthrough

The newest Mafia Wars mission is heavily Vegas based and comes with new loot drops in Vegas as well.  Without further ado - here we go!!

Part 1:
Get 6 helps from your mafia.  Keep in mind that if your request you send out gets sent in-game too (from my experience, about half of these show up in your mafia's pop-up acceptance screen), that people can actually help you twice.  Accept in-game and then accept through facebook requests.  If you have some good people to rely on, this should go quick.  Loot 10 Sets of Cards through robbing is pretty fast too.  Took me 4 boards to get the 10 Sets.

Part 2:
Rob 15 times in Vegas (successfully).  The 12 Stubborn Con Artists are 8 Stamina each on the fight list.  Depends on timing, but the 2 builds in the Weapons Depot could take up to 36 hours (if you just built before starting this part).  Remember - Plan ahead on these!!

Part 3:
Another 8 helps from Mafia (seems to be increasingly important in these).  Take out 10 Neo-Imperium Operatives on the fight list (12 Stamina each).  The last step is a bit misleading.  Says to do "Break into a Luxury Suite" job in Vegas to loot Illegal Transaction Records.  This job is 136 Energy if you already mastered it and the ITRs only have about a 10% drop rate.  Go to the Steal Bank Records job in NYC and do the original ITR job for 27 Energy instead and the drop rate is almost 100%.  This will save a ton of energy.

Part 4:
Ice 6 opponents in Vegas may take a while, but if you have enough Stamina, should be easy enough.  Go to the robbing board and find a Table Games property to rob.  If successful, click on the profile, then click rob and repeat 7 more times.  After each rob, you will have to click the "Refresh (free)" button, but it's the quickest way to go.  Top defense Vehicles rewarded here and 5 of them at that :)

Part 5:
Easy enough to fight 24 opponents in Vegas, and yes, it's really just 24 attacks.  They don't have to be unique opponents.  Clear one board in Vegas and collect from your Restaurant 3 times.  This is a 12 hour timer, so it could take 36 hours on this one.

Part 6:
8 more helps.  My job step auto-completed for me.  Not sure if it will for all those who have mastered Vegas or not, but an easy step regardless.  Defeat John Yun which isn't too hard and you are done.  The boss had 22k health for me, but this number will vary.  Took 6 hits though, so not too bad.  Great mastery item and you are done!

Now, during this mission event, there is also 3x mastery in Vegas and 2 new loot drops from all jobs.  The mastery gives you 3x the percentage of job mastery as well as 3x the cash from jobs.  Once you reach 100% on an unmastered job though, the 3x cash stops and goes back to the original reward.  Here's the two new drops:

Pretty good stats on both and they should both make it into most player's arsenals.  Enjoy everyone!!
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  1. Am I the only one having trouble completing part 5? I cannot collect from Restaurant. When I do the clock resets to 2 hours and I get no credit for it.


  2. You need to collect from your Vegas restaurant which is a 12 hour timer, not your NYC restaurant. Good luck!!