April 16, 2011

Arachnophobia Spam Event

Well, looks like they will keep going along this path of starting another spam event before the previous one is even over.  A lot of people are skipping these events now as Zynga has interpreted everyone doing them as people loving them.  Here's all the images and stats:

What you're after:
What you can buy with Harmless Spiders:
25 Harmless Spiders
 50 Harmless Spiders
 100 Harmless Spiders
 150 Harmless Spiders

Can get the usual 10 each from jobbing, robbing and fighting, 40 from free gifts, 10 from feeds and 5 from collecting one Poisonous Spider from feeds.  Plus there is the game which is a random in-game pop-up:

That's all the details folks.  Enjoy!!!
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  1. Why is it spam? do they not give you the rewards?

  2. Yes, they give you rewards, but these are commonly known around the mafia world as "spam" events. The majority of the parts you need are gotten via spamming your facebook friends.