April 1, 2011

Beat the Mafia Wars Devs - April Fools

In your support tab at the top right hand corner of your Mafia Wars console is now a "Beat the Devs" option.  This appears to be a boss fight type feature, but it is really nothing other than clicking buttons.  You don't lose any health, you don't use any stamina or gain any experience or loot.  It essentially gives you something to do while you are waiting for customer support to respond to you or just like pounding on the mouse.  After you beat each developer, you do get their trading card, which at the moment seems to be just for show.

14,000 health
15,000 health
15,975 health
12,000 health
17,000 health
10,000 health

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  1. I lose health when I attack. ????

  2. You shouldn't. It's possible you are being attacked at the same time you are running it. Check your combat log.

  3. yes.....you lose health.....it like any other boss fight

  4. I lose Health.....
    I tried so many times and each time i lose health

  5. i lost health also

  6. Yes, just went back and did it again and you do lose health now. Last night, there was no health damage. Must have been implemented overnight. Ran through all 6 last night without losing any health at all.

  7. Is this an april fool joke to fight them

  8. It's bull, I upgraded a couple a times on health, and every time I get my ass whooped, if that is an April Fool's joke it's freaking lame. Come on the BBC did better in 1957 where you could see people harvest spaghetti from trees...
    This sucks!

  9. You do lose health its like a normal boss fight. However, i find that attacking the devs in different locations does make a difference. For eg, when i attack then in NY, i do crap damage (few hundred). however in vegas, i'm doing damage in the thousands to them. Also, running away in NY makes them regenerate 25% health everytime u run. in vegas, they dont. henchmen regenerate in NY too, while they dont in vegas. hope this helps.
    Bottom line, attack them in vegas. quick and simple.