April 7, 2011

Brazil Boss Missions - Bronze Level

These missions are extremely time consuming, but have no timer on them.  There are 65 in total (20 bronze, 15 silver, 15 gold, 15 ruby).  There was a problem with these initially so some people may be done, some may have just got them back.  Always look ahead a couple missions so that you know what's coming and don't get stuck waiting on a timer.  It doesn't matter which tier of the job you are on, only referred to as bronze, silver, etc because of the mastery of the 5 rewards you receive.  If you have already mastered ruby in all 5 regions, Mafia Wars should auto-complete all job related steps for you.  I will try to post a new tier every couple days on these.  Here's the 20 bronze level ones:

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