April 10, 2011

Brazil Boss Missions - Silver Level

Here's the Silver Level Boss Missions from Brazil.  These missions get into the number of times you do a job rather than master it, which makes it harder to complete the mission if you are mastered up to Ruby level already.  If you get into one of the "Do (Job X), Y number of times" you will end up spending a couple thousand energy points on one mission, so unless you are an energy based player, it may require you to use energy packs or level a couple times.  I said it with the Bronze Level that I posted a few days ago and I will repeat it now - "THESE MISSIONS ARE EXTREMELY TIME CONSUMING".  I by no means am the greatest Mafia Wars player, but I spend reward points so I can get these out to everyone and I level at will and these still took me more than 2 days to finish.  So be patient and plan ahead.  Enjoy!

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