April 27, 2011

Brazil Precious Collection

Well, the Precious Collection in Brazil is one of the 3 most sought after collections in Mafia Wars now (joining the Lotto Collection and the new Superhero Collection).  This is not giftable and is very hard to get.  These can be obtained through collecting your Brazil properties, Daily Take Day 5, and from robbing Brazil properties.  I have spent over 1 million stamina robbing in Brazil and have not received a single one, so don't get your hopes up.  This collection initially will give you the My Precious Gun along with some stat boosters and can be revaulted once per day for a random reward.  Be sure to activate the Guardian in your Brazil Crew as it will help from any Precious Gems you have from being stolen.  You are safe from 1 of each being stolen without your Guardian in place, but if you have multiples of any, they can be stolen from your properties.  Good luck with this collection and happy icing!

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