April 6, 2011

Brazil Properties Build Guide

Wondering how many parts it takes you to upgrade all your Brazil properties?  Well, here ya - a detailed guide of each of the 5 Brazil properties.  The first 3 parts are giftable and can be obtained fairly easily.  The construction workers and Brazilian timbers only drop from jobs and fighting.  Just a ballpark figure, but in order to get all the Brazil specific parts, I spent around 400,000 stamina fighting in Brazil.  They are included in the 5x loot drops, so when you pick them up, chances are you'll pick up a handful.  Ask for help every 18 hours and you can get 5 from your mafia, but you can only ask for help on one or the other.  Here's some pics and the stats/rewards.  Rewards can be collected every 8 hours and can only be collected through the "Collect All" button.

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