April 6, 2011

Brazil Properties Build Guide

Wondering how many parts it takes you to upgrade all your Brazil properties?  Well, here ya - a detailed guide of each of the 5 Brazil properties.  The first 3 parts are giftable and can be obtained fairly easily.  The construction workers and Brazilian timbers only drop from jobs and fighting.  Just a ballpark figure, but in order to get all the Brazil specific parts, I spent around 400,000 stamina fighting in Brazil.  They are included in the 5x loot drops, so when you pick them up, chances are you'll pick up a handful.  Ask for help every 18 hours and you can get 5 from your mafia, but you can only ask for help on one or the other.  Here's some pics and the stats/rewards.  Rewards can be collected every 8 hours and can only be collected through the "Collect All" button.

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  1. Very nice info guys!! Thanks, JTS

  2. If you have the crew slot that doubles your take from properties active, you will collect double energy and stamina. If your property is maxed at 40%, you would get 80% of your energy back. Almost as good as using an energy pack.

  3. Actually, if you have the crew slots filled, it will give you double for your first collection from properties, so the max you can get back is 40% energy and 40% stamina.