April 25, 2011

Crack the Safe

Crack the Safe should finally be rolled out to everyone's accounts.  This took weeks and although a lot of people were screaming that it wasn't fair, there is a cap to 100 times through on this, so eventually everyone should even out.  The concept with this is that new players will receive 100 awesome loots on their way to 501 mafia.  I know a lot of people are wondering about deleting mafia and friends to see if it would work, but it doesn't.  If you delete from mafia and from facebook friends, then add all back, you don't get credit, so don't get any ideas :)  Also, make sure you don't use the "Accept All" button on the Mafia recruit page as you will only get credit for 1 new member.  Accept all MW requests individually.  Be careful with adding friends on Facebook as there have been lots of players reporting 2 day blocks on friend adding and even some accounts being disabled and flagged as spammers due to excessive friend requests.  Here's some screenshots including the 5 loots you can get from getting 5 new mafia members.

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