April 7, 2011

Cyber Warfare Spam Event

Surprise surprise, before the other spam event is even over, here comes another one to keep up with.  The Cyber Warfare event is a strictly daily gifts event that follows the same 4/8/16 tier system that they usually do.  The first item (Blank CD spindle) is available to send/collect now with the other 2 being released in two and four days, respectively.

Collect 28 of each of the free gifts, cash them in for the 3 gold mastery items and earn the event mastery item:

Rumor is that after this event, Zynga may cut back on the Spam events, but with this one and the previous 2 pretty much back-to-back-to-back, there may be no end in sight.  Good Luck!!
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  1. Zynga has turned me into a lemming.

  2. Lemmings was fun, though.
    This game/spam generator ...

  3. I hope you're right, the spam is relentless