April 1, 2011

New Level Up Feature and Loot

Just added into the game is a new feature added to the Level Up screen.  When you level, you get the following screen:

Once you use all your skill points, your reward is revealed.

Decent Loot for not really having to do anything.

Milestone levels occur in numbers which are multiples of 5.  Chance at slightly better loot than a normal level up, but no guarantees.

Here's a Golden Promotion.

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  1. This was a great new feature. Hope they keep it now.

  2. why am i still getting the same old level up screen?

  3. Hasn't been rolled out to everyone yet. Give it a week or two. It's being rolled out to individual servers over the next couple weeks so the servers aren't overloaded.

  4. After a quick google search i found you so i'm gonna ask you a question.

    Is "Dig Up Links To Halloran And A Meth Ring" the most efficient (XP wise) job in the game?

    Because i just found that it has a 2.079 Energy/XP rate so with that and my 370 stamina i'm gaining levels with no delay. Was wondering if there was anything better then this

  5. Well, without using consumables, yes it is the best ratio job. Other jobs of note:

    "Run Illegal Poker Game" job in NYC enforcer is 2.111:1 but uses cards and chips
    "Buy Off a Federal Agent" in NYC boss tier is 2.161:1 but uses blackmail photos
    "Hack the Casino Security System" in district 4 Vegas is 2.11:1 but uses hotel security key card

    The best jobs that don't require money or consumables are the "Nab a High Tech Prototype" in district 7 Vegas and "Verify Halloran's Arrival at the Damn" in district 8 Vegas. Both are 2.031:1 and don't require cash or consumables.

  6. Money's not a problem in Vegas, i've got around 42 million.

    Though thank you, how would i go about getting you in my mafia?

  7. send me a message to danmystery3 at gmail.com and i'll be sure to add you on facebook. thanks m8!!

  8. I'm a bit surprised to everyone calling this a great feature. you don't get your 5 skill points anymore for each leveling up. At every level up you are shown 3 possibilities out of which 1 only is what you are entitled to. The max u get in skill is +3 and Zynga chooses if it is Attack or defence. So basically we are all going to get screwed from now on. No more high level advances & 5 skill points ! Correct me if I'm wrong ? I certainly don't want high level items in lieu of my 5 Skill points.

  9. oh and did i forget to tell you that often the bonus reward is ANIMAL FEED :p ;-) hehehehe the ultimate insult !

  10. My boyfriend's account still gets the 5 skill points, but rp, but he has been getting high loot for the bonus. So I don't see why it is a bad feature.

  11. Plus rp's not but lol

  12. You still get the 5 skill points. You only get the level up bonus after you allocate the 5 skill points. They really aren't taking anything away other than the ability to stockpile your skill points. You still can, you just won't get the bonuses. Yes, the bonus reward is oftentimes 2 Animal Feeds, but some of the loot is really good and when you get the skill points, it's worth the free bonus.

  13. i suppose this is a feature to fight us auto players. my version doesnt spend the skill points on the lvl up screen, but the old fashioned way. i am assuming that you would only recieve the bonus if you spend them on the lvl-up popup.
    zynga has been nerfing since quite a while to prevent powerlvling and this is just another go at it.