April 13, 2011

One of our Own Mission Walkthrough

A Vegas based mission with the usual 6 parts.  Not too bad, but there are a few time consuming steps.  Here ya go!!

Part 1:
Get 6 supports from your mafia.  Should be easy enough if you have some good crew on your chat.  Robbing 6 Hotels in Vegas can be a bit time consuming - I went through 20 full boards before I even found my 3rd to rob.  Easiest way is to find a Hotel in the robbing board, then click on the profile and rob it 8 times.  Loot 12 security keys should be 12 clicks worth now for most people (assuming you finished Vegas and vaulted the +10% loot drops collection).

Part 2:
With a 4 hour timer on your Slots, 3 collects could take up to 12 hours, but you have almost 7 days, so don't worry about it.  Fight any 24 opponents (don't all have to be different, multiple attacks on same fighter count) and 15 clicks on the Black Market Info job.
 Part 3:
12 supports from your mafia gets a little bit tougher.  Click the Get Help button, select all the recommended and hope for the best.  10 Armed Guards in your fight list which are 10 Stamina each and this part is done.
 Part 4:
Rob 15 times in Vegas, build 2 vehicles in NyC (could be up to 36 hours) and 10 clicks on the Car Dealer job.
 Part 5:
If you have lots of Stamina, this is by far the easiest step.  Fight 26 opponents and ice 4 in Vegas.  It's nice because you can work on both parts at once.
 Part 6:
Win 20 more fights, take out the Heavily Armed Guards (17 Stamina each) and win a war (16 hour wait) and you are all done!!  The Exo-Skull Helm is a great reward, but chances are it's the only one that will help you throughout this whole mission.  Good Luck!!!

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  1. another easy method of robbing hotels 8 times is to pick an easy target in your rivals list, and rob their hotel (provided its available to rob).

  2. Thanks for the tip on robbing hotels Dan and post above....awesome

  3. Why do the level awards suck so much?

  4. Wow my crew counter is stuck on 0 and i know how loyal my mafia is. THIS IS ZYNGAS FFAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUULLLLLLLLLTTTTTT!!