April 5, 2011

Ways To Spend Stamina

I don't think there has been a proper post on this, at least not for a while, so here is an overview of all the Stamina uses. Fighting (Not in Brazil) I actually don't do this very often because of how tedious it is, but I decided to do a few fights in New York today and noticed that the Stamina:Experience ratio is a lot lower now. I'm only getting 1 or 2 Experience per fight, so that maths out to something like a 1:1.5 ratio, which is just plain horriable for something that is already so tedious. There are still some redeeming qualities to fighting. You can pick up a bit of cash this way, there is some pretty decent fighting loot out there and there is fight club mastery and victory coins. Fighting in Brazil Most everything about fighting elsewhere applys to Brazil with a couple minor changes. Brazil fights cost 5 stamina and give 5 or 10 Experience, so its the same ratio, but its faster. One of the cons to this, you get less, loot, fight mastery and victory coins per Stamina point spent because you are spending more per fight. Robbing Robbing is a bit more complex. Unlike fights, you most likely you won't be winning 100% of your robbing attempts. This makes it a lot harder to say what the Stamina:Experience ratio will be. Robbing doesn't really have too many major cons except a possiable bad ratio if you don't have good loot. Some of the advantages include being able to get things like the Stolen Diamond Collection, which will thereafter increase your Stamina:Experience ratio for robbing, and after you have vaulted the set, any extra diamonds are good for trading. Robbing Mastery also rewards robbing by making robbing better. And of course it is robbing, so there is always the stuff you get to steal, cash, car/armor/weapon parts and animal feed in New York, Boosts in Bangkok, and Energy and Stamina in Brazil. Tournaments I'm actually a fan of these. First off I would never suggest spending Reward Points to reset the timer, but it is definately worth entering them when it won't cost any Reward Points. They can give something like a 1:10 Stamina:Experience ratio. They make a great way to bridge the gap between levels when stuck (just like energy packs and such). Of course this is only really worth anything if you are able to do decently in tournaments. Other advantages include the Tournament collections and a few victory coins if you do well. Stamina Jobs This is my number one favorite Stamina use. Before I hated these because of the ratio after you factor in the possiablity of losing, but I've actually noticed recently for me (this may be a glitch) that I still receive experience when I lose. (Sorry for no picture, the site is being odd). I get a message saying "(Win fights to earn experience)" but I still gain the experience anyways. On the topic of fight jobs, I decided to calculate which ones have the best ratio (assuming you are on Ruby Mastery everywhere) In District 6 of Las Vegas Eliminate a Hill Supplier with a 1:2.2578125 ratio has the best in the game In District 5 of Italy, Support Your Local Hooligan Firm has the best Italian ratio, 1:2.0444... but it requires a Hidden Charge In District 8 of Italy, Escape from Rome Police has the best Italian ratio without a loot requirment, 1:2.043010753. P.S. Sorry about lack of paragraph spacing, Blogger removed all of it, and I don't know how to prevent that.
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  1. These are awesome. I hope yopu don't mind,but I hae been posting links to your pages for all to use!

  2. You know, I'm with you with the tediousness of fighting when you have thousands of stamina points, but Brazil fighting allows me to boosts my equipment attack and defense so fast that it's worth it until you start to get near 150,00 attack and defense.

    VERY informative thank you!

  3. It is probably set to html formatting.
    Use the < br > tag, with out spaces.

  4. Using Brawler makes fighting much less tedious.

  5. After you are maxed on fight loot, best you can do with stamina is to earn VC.