May 25, 2011

Kassina Kunoichi Boss Fight WalkThrough

The 2nd in this series of Boss Fights is rolling out to everybody.  It goes along the same guidelines of the Roughhouse Rafael fights.  Nothing is used but the 4 consumables.  Health is taken from you, but no Stamina used or Experience given.

Kassina's Caracal is the tiered reward for this fight.  Even if you can't complete all three levels, I suggest you at least get your hands on the Bronze level mastery reward as the 95/126 score on it will put it near the top of everyone's arsenal for attack and defense.

The look of the fight page on Kassina Kunoichi is the same as the last Boss Event.  The combos are different this time and as of the initial release, there doesn't appear to be an achievement attached to it.

Each consumable has a daily limit that can be collected.  For the Crack of the Bat, Knife Slash, and Knuckles punch consumables, you can collect a maximum of 50 each day.  For the Shotgun Blast, you can only collect 40 each day.  You can also collect Shotgun Blasts from your friends posts about the event.  Those also do the most damage and a lot of players have completed these fights with Shotgun Blasts alone.  Good luck and happy Killing!!
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  1. Do you use one combo for each tier or can you use all three combos for each of the fights?

  2. You can use the combos as many times as you'd like Keith. Just make sure you use each of them at least once in case they grandfather in an achievement later.

  3. I had to reverse the combos for them to work!

  4. Wanted to post 8h earlier but for some reason I couldn't.

    Awesome DanG! I actually don't check mafia wars wikia if I want to get infos on new events.

    You are doing an awesome job, thanks for you work and also the work of the webmaster

  5. Been having a lot of problems with both posting and responding on the site lately Frank, so you are not alone :). Thanks for all the kind words.

  6. I had to reverse the combos as well.... but thanks for all this great information!

  7. Everyone keep in mind that the combos show up on the fight screen from right to left, but you should enter the combos shown on the combo completion screen from left to right. Should be the same order for everyone.