May 14, 2011

Roughhouse Rafael Boss Fight Walkthrough

This is a very interesting approach by Zynga on the new Boss Fights they have been advertising and pushing.  Each fight requires nothing but consumables.  You can't use Stamina to fight the boss and your account strength seemingly has nothing to do with how much damage you cause.  I recommend asking for Shotgun Blasts as often as possible from your mafia as they do the most damage.  You can even click on your own post for help and receive 2 of them.  Many mafia members have reported beating all three tiers using Shotgun Blasts alone.  

Each consumable does a different amount of damage and there are 3 combos you need to use while fighting the Boss to get the Rafael achievement.  See the previous post on Roughhouse Rafael Mission Walkthrough for info about unlocking the 3rd combo.  Here are the 3 combos you need to perform:

If you do the 3rd one before finishing the 2nd step of the related mission, YOU WILL NOT GET CREDIT!  If you perform all three combos before defeating the boss and have the 3rd unlocked from the mission, you will get the new Achievement:

The Health levels for the bosses are 15,000 for Bronze, 25,000 for Silver and 35,000 for Gold Mastery.  Pretty good loot for finishing.

Have fun and Happy Hunting!!!
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  1. For me I did a little more damage when I was in New York. Shotgun blast did 300-350 per hit, as in all other countries/cities did below 300.

    And as you wrote, just shotgun blasts will do to defeat on all three levels.

    And you can get the achievement if finishing off the boss before unlocking all combos, you only have to send an e-mail to Zynga and ask for it. Worked for me and got it just hours after sending the e-mail.

  2. Shotgun is definitely the best method.

    Syndicate -

  3. Sorry this is not related to this post but was worried if i comment on an earlier post it might not be picked up. Trying to fight Boss Maria Rosa on Ruby level and found she regenerated her health when i went back to engage her fight. And that was after i had got her health down to half. Any tips on how to get around this ?

  4. Don't ask for help, since everyone who clicks to help and not fight to the death (abandoning the fight) will make the ongoing Boss fight to start over.

  5. Thanks for the tip, i did not ask for help but just rememembered that i abandoned the fight before my health went to 0 when i saw that she had regenerated and no stun gun left. Thank you so much.

  6. I really like you writing style, but these two posts were really slow ...

    I finished all 3 fights before you posted.

    For me this blog is a very good source of knowledge, but you have to amp the pace to keep me a regular reader.

  7. Sorry about that Frank. I generally wait until all the information is out about the piece I am writing about (ie. the 3rd combo). That and Blogger was down for the better part of 2 1/2 days so I couldn't post anything. I will try to get the info out as soon as possible if anything new hits. Appreciate you reading!!!

  8. I appreciate the info whenever it gets put up. Always handy info :D

  9. I guess Roughouse Rafael is "hella" from the Bay Area(CA). Coolbeans

  10. what happened to this event... i'm a daily player and when I open it yesterday, it says the event has expired and it was replaced by smoke and mirrors mission... when I was fighting the boss, I still have few more days to finish this mission...sadly am still collecting the items that's why am struck in the bronze...