May 14, 2011

Roughhouse Rafael Mission Walkthrough Combo Unlock

Sorry for the delay on this, but Blogger has been updating and upgrading.  The newest mission is tied in with the Roughhouse Rafael Boss fight.  This mission only has 4 parts to it, but some of them are extremely time consuming.  Hopefully we can get you through them a little quicker.

Part 1:

25 jobs in the NyC Hitman tier (36 energy each).  Rob 10 restaurants - can do this by clearing boards or finding one on the board, clicking the profile and robbing the same one 10 times.  Build 1 armor (18 hour timer).  Best reward you will get for this mission.

Part 2:

These are tough to get.  Keep in mind that you have a daily limit of 50 of each of these, so if you have already gotten a bunch for the day, I recommend waiting until it resets at midnight local time to start in on these.  Lower levels seem to pick up the Cracks of the Bat easier than high levels.  The knife slashes, I recommend going to brazil and doing a low energy job and turning on the Lockpick bonus so you get double the loot.  Some players who got a late start on this mission have claimed that the requirements dropped to 5 and 5 rather than 12 and 15.  The reward for this is the Boss Fight Combo.  Without this, you will not get the Roughhouse Rafael achievement.  (See the Boss Fight combos for more info).

Part 3:

You can get the Canister Bombs from jobs, fights or robs.  Pretty slow on the drops, but it took me about 3k stamina robbing to get them.  If you have a friend who has already completed this, you can have them send you the Canister Bombs, then send them back and you get credit for them.  Good experience on this (varies per account) and 10 consumables to use if you haven't already defeated the boss.

Part 4:

A good old-fashioned 2-for-1.  A short fight run through NyC will get you both of these steps and you get 8 more consumables for the boss fight.  Surprisingly, that is it for this mission.  Other than step 2, everything is pretty basic and should be fairly short and sweet for most players.  Good luck!!
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