May 17, 2011

Smoke and Mirrors Mission Walkthrough

Latest mission from Mafia Wars has 8 parts and is quite time-consuming, so get started right away.

Part 1:

Easy part to start: Fight 22 opponents in Brazil (once again, fighting same player 22 times is o.k.), Clear 2 Robbing Boards and Build 2 Vehicles in NyC (18 hour timer).  Pretty weak loot compared to most of the stuff they hand out with missions.

Part 2:

Get 6 supports from your mafia:  With the sending limit lifted, just go down your list and select as many people as you can, then repeat until you are finished with this part or the mission.  The Angry cult members are 8 Stamina each on the fight list and the "Burn down a jungle hideout" job is 243 energy plus a gas can on Ruby level.  Again, very poor loot.

Part 3:

Job takes 243 energy (no consumables this time), win 15 fights in Brazil and loot the luggage bags from fighting (took me 106 fights).  Cool looking loot, but won't fit in most arsenals.

Part 4:

Get 8 Brazil Crew members this time (make sure you have 8 slots available to fill in Brazil - if not, assign some to positions).  Turn on the Lockpick position in Brazil to get double loot and find 12 Documents from the 81 energy job.  No loot this time.

Part 5:

Buy 1 item from the Black Market in Brazil (23 hour timer).  Rob 20 times in Brazil while looting 10 Manila Envelopes (actually took me 5 complete boards to get them).  Job is 135 energy and no consumable requirement.  Decent reward with 2 Harpoon GTS' and 7 Fume Proof Masks.

Part 6:

Get 8 more supports from your mafia (repeat what you did the first time) and ice 3 opponents in Brazil.  Should be a quick one.  No loot, but good experience and on to lucky number 7!

Part 7:

If you have read my previous mission posts, you know what to do with this one.  Find a Headquarters in your robbing page, click the profile and rob it as many times as you can until you hit 16.  Dynamite started dropping from robbing again (Moscow coming back again maybe??).  Job requires 594 energy on Ruby.  No loot again, but almost done :)

Part 8:

Build 2 Weapons in NyC (18 hour timer).  The Cult Leaders require 10 Stamina on the fight list.   Job requires 729 energy and a Satchel Charge on Ruby.  Declare a war (8 hour timer).  Great reward with the Great Blue Heron:

Good luck everybody!!!
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  1. Very good, and really quick with this walkthrough. Thanks alot!


  2. Thank you very much! This one was lightspeed!

  3. Thanks Frank :) Was thinking of you when I wrote it. Think you'll like some upcoming things on here. Just trying to help my fellow mafia mates.