May 2, 2011

Thrill of the Hunt Mission Walkthrough

A little different mission this time around cycling you through New York, Italy and Brazil.  When it was first launched, there was 9 days to complete this mission, so most should already have a good start on this one.  There are 9 parts to this mission so it's a little bit harder than the previous couple.  Without further ado:

Part 1:

Not too bad on the supports from mafia this time.  They are involved in 3 parts, but nothing more than 8.  Part one requires 6 of them.  Build 2 armors (18 hour timer) and 10 jobs in NyC (27 energy each).

Part 2:

Easy step for fighters.  Fight 24 in NyC and ice 3 of them.  Done.

Part 3:

Asking for Hot tips from Mafia auto-completed for me, but it is a wall post, so should be easy anyways.  Rob (successfully) 15 times in NyC and loot 8 CSUs (21 energy per job).

Part 4:

Win 15 fights in Vegas.  Take out 7 Bodyguards on fight list (10 Stamina each).  20 jobs and 1 vehicle build (18 hour timer).

Part 5:

Collect your Winery twice (6 hour timer).  Loot 12 Alarm codes.  It's easier if you do the original alarm code job - "Buy some Black Market Info" - in District 3 of Vegas.  Almost 100% drop rate there.  Take out 9 bodyguards (10 Stamina again).

Part 6:

This part requires 8 supports from your mafia (remind them to help in game and through facebook requests for double credit).  Clear 1 robbing board in Italy.

Part 7:

Another one to knock out quickly.  Win 18 fights in Italy and loot 10 Motor Oils from fights (Took me 71 fights in Italy to complete).  12 jobs and on to the next one.

Part 8:

Buy 2 Items from your Port (24 hour timer).  Use the Gas Can job in Region 1 of Brazil for this step (54 energy on Ruby).  Ice 7 more opponents in Italy.

Part 9:

Last 7 supports from your Mafia.  Tenement has a 48 hour timer.  Loot 12 BMPs from robbing (took me 7 boards in NyC).  15 jobs (16 energy).  Cash out and done.  Great Reward for finishing this with a 151 Attack and 87 Defense weapon.  Good Luck!!!
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    go to hellllllllllllllllllll.....

  3. In Part 7, Which is the region where the jobs must be done?

  4. Region 5, you will have to unlock it if you haven't already.

  5. Then how bout part 9? The 15 jobs? Which region is that?

  6. Part 9 has you do a job in the Enforcer Tier in NyC. 16 energy job. If you just click the "Go Now" or "Do Job" button, it should take you to the region you need to go unless you haven't unlocked it yet, then it will just take you to the city.