June 30, 2011

Black Market Mission Event Walkthrough

Just cranking out these missions now, but Zynga seems to be getting more user friendly on these.  Minimal ask for helps, NyC based and multiple options for looting the needs.  9 steps to this one and 9 days to do it.

Part 1:

Starts off with asking for 3 Manila Envelopes from your Mafia (wall post help).  The Illegal Poker Game job does require consumables, so if you don't have the Decks and Tokens, you will need to spend 9 energy x2 on those plus 18 energy for the actual job.  Collect from your Office Park twice (12 hour timer).  No loot, but you get some Brazil cash.

Part 2:

Looting the Gold Machine Pistols can be done two different ways.  The job costs 14 energy or you can get them via Robbing (I spent 640 Stamina getting them).  The Bulletproof Trenchcoats can be looted by doing a 54 energy job or by fighting (32 fights got me all of them).  The Intimidated Mobsters cost 5 Stamina each on the fight list.  Decent Defensive Armors and more Brazil cash.

Part 3:

Buy 1 item from the Black Market (23 hour timer).  Fight 16 Opponents and the job is 32 energy.  Great animals for a reward here.

Part 4:

4 Mafia Supports.  Collect from your Restaurat 3 times (2 hour timer).  Clear 3 Robbing Boards.  67 Attack weapons should make it into most arsenals.

Part 5:

2-for-1 special.  Win 10 fights and the Drug Shipments took me 23 fights to loot the 7.  No loot, but more Brazil cash.

Part 6:

Build 2 Weapons at the Depot (18 hour timer).  Ice 6 Opponents (may take a little longer than normal as the icing event has most of the fight lists dead).  Job costs 22 energy.  Great armor and vehicles for your reward.

Part 7:

4 more supports from your mafia.  The Human Traffickers are 11 Stamina each on the Fight List and the job costs 25 energy (took me 121 jobs to loot the 18 Broken Arms).  No loot again.

Part 8:

Loot 20 sets of Illegal Transaction Records (Job costs 40 energy or it took me 53 fights).  Rob 12 Pawnshops.  Took me 610 Stamina Robbing to loot the 10 Reinforced Bowlers.  Jobs costs 49 energy.  8 total loots to strengthen your mafia.

Part 9:

Buy 2 items from your Port (23 hour timer).  Declare 1 war (8 hour timer).  Ring Overseers are 15 Stamina on the Fight List.  Great little mastery item:  Widow Knife.

Good luck everybody.  As always, get started as soon as possible as some of the timers will have you waiting for a day or two.
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  1. in part 2 get half the number of required golden machine guns and gift them to a friend that counts as you "aquiring" them

    - My experience, got nothing when in good health, and then when Iced the broken arms started to appear ;)