June 22, 2011

Blood Money Mission Event Walkthrough

The next mission is upon us and the "Ask Mafia" requests are back.  Not a bad mission though.  Out of the 8 steps, 3 are pretty quick and easy.

Part 1:

Start off small - 2 requests from your mafia.  Clear 3 Robbing Boards (doesn't have to be 9-0).  Take out 5 Killers on the fight list which are 13 stamina each.  Decent loot and you get 5 of them.

Part 2:

Wall post for 4 helps from mafia.  Do a 43 energy job in Vegas 20 times.  Not much for rewards here.

Part 3:

Collect from your Brazil Headquarters 2 times (8 hour timer).  Build 2 Local informants, which you need to have your Workshop upgraded to build 2 right away, otherwise it's 1 every 18 hours.  Pretty low level loot, but should help most people.

Part 4:

Win 25 fights in Brazil (same opponent is o.k.).  The one we all dread - 7 helps from mafia.  Get 3 people to sign on as crew members (also works if you accept your crew requests you have pending).  Building materials for the reward.

Part 5:

Loot 10 Wooden Crates from Brazil Job (be sure to turn on your Brazil crew for 2x loot from jobs).  Upgrade your workshop once.  If yours is already fully upgraded, it should auto-complete.  Rob 18 times (you have to be successful).  Decent loot and you get 4 of them.

Part 6:

Do 16 jobs with 351 energy cost (on Ruby).  Loot 15 Luggage Bags from fights (took me 78 fights).  Collect from your Headquarters twice (8 hour timer).  8 more supports from your mafia.  No loot this time.

Part 7:

Rob 8 Villas.  Take out 8 Informants (notice they spelled it wrong!) at 5 Stamina each on the fight list.  Buy 2 items from your port (23 hour timer).  4 decent guns to help your defense.

Part 8:

Win 2 Wars (8 hour timer).  Also works if you are the last one to help in a war (need to get the "You won the war for . . . " message).  Ice 6 opponents in Italy.  I was surprised there is no experience reward for this step, but the loot is pretty strong.

Good luck everyone!!  Take your time, hit up your friends on chat for the helps and have fun!
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  1. Part 2, 4 and 5 was already completed when I reached them. Seems strange, bug?

  2. I guess the new boss fight, Thin Ice event and new war loot is not that great blogging material...