June 18, 2011

Brazil Districts 6, 7, and 8 Guide - Stats / Payouts / Energy Requirements / Consumables

Those of you who have been following this blog since I took over remember my spreadsheets I worked out for the first 5 districts of Brazil.  With the release of districts 6-8 yesterday, here are the final 3 of Brazil.  I will repeat what I said at the start of Brazil:

My advice on making Brazil easier for you is to utilize the "Add Crew" feature for double mastery and double loot for sure.  When you have the 20 jobs of double mastery active, do the jobs which require consumables and when you are spending energy without the double mastery feature, do the jobs that drop consumables.  Should pass through without having to "farm" for consumables at all.  Lots of energy required so just be patient.

Lots of lots of consumables used for these new additions.  The loot is very nice though as Brazil 6-8 now consumable 7 of the top 8 loots to be had as it seems Zynga is gearing back to favoring Energy Accounts.  Nothing giftable yet, but I expect they will be in 4-6 weeks.  Good Luck everyone!!

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  3. What about an equipment matrix for Brazil? I need to sell off unneeded equipment but I can't tell what I might need if I have to go back and get more consumables! They've made it impossible to see what a job requires in Brazil, but the info is out there. It just isn't consolidated into a single table. Thanks!