June 1, 2011

Crossing the Line Mission Event Walkthrough

Zynga is giving us almost 10 days to do this event and without using Reward Points, it will take a few days, so get started as soon as you can.  There is some decent loot across the 7 parts to this event as well.

Part 1:

Surprisingly, there isn't much for the "Get Support From Your Mafia" to this mission.  Get 5 quick helps to finish the first part of this part.  Looting 12 Hung Chu Enforcers took me 49,000 energy.  I hope everyone else gets better loot drops than that.  Win 15 fights in Bangkok (yes, 15 against the same person counts).  Decent loot, but won't beat the top giftable loot.

Part 2:

Easiest part to this mission.  Job will cost you 100 energy if you are finished with Bangkok.  Took me 170 fights to loot the 12 documents.  No loot, but good experience rewards.

Part 3:

Rob 8 Chop Shops in NyC.  Easiest way you can do this is by clearing boards or finding one on the board, clicking the profile and robbing the same one 8 times.  16 opponents in NyC should be easy.  18 hour timer on the Chop Shop, so 36 hours total on this collect.  Car Cutters will improve on any Range Finders or the sort you have and Red Scorpions beat out Bighorns, but neither beat the Italy stuff.

Part 4:

Follow the same technique as above for the 8 Auto Boutiques.  Job will cost you 72 energy if you have mastered Italy.  Auto Boutique is a 12 hour timer, so 24 hours total.  Again, no loot, but good experience.

Part 5:

Collect 6 Satchels from a Wall Post help.  Job will cost you 64 energy 15 times.  Buy 1 item from your Port (23 hour timer).  Finally some good cars.  Assumed from the theme of the mission that it would be filled with cars.

Part 6:

Icing 6 opponents in NyC may take a little bit of time.  Kills do not count towards icings like they did in the fighting event last week.  Find 9 Casinos to rob and Declare a War.  Job takes 28 energy and took me just over 2000 to loot the 15 containers.  7 decent loots and loads of experience.

Part 7:

Clear 2 Robbing Boards.  Doesn't matter if you go 9-0 or not.  Just clear them.  Armed Guards on the Fight List take 8 Stamina each.  Job cost just 13 energy each.  Dockyard is an 8 hour timer (24 hours total).  Nice little car that will fit into your defensive arsenal.

That's it.  Good luck everyone and keep at it.  This one will take some time.
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  1. The stats of the grand prize is 85/143 if you look at the home screen. But the car in inventory actually has 40/149. I wonder how Zynga managed to screw it up that bad.

  2. @Anonymous: It's Zynga...what do you expect? :-(

  3. how can you expect to finish this when you can't easily get the 12 enforcers? what idiots!

  4. just finished !!

  5. Off topic and I'm sure you will review the new fighting system soonish. But having just used it, I think it sucks! It requires far, far too many clicks. Fighting was always tedious, time-consuming and plain boring! Brazil was an improvement, but the new menu system doesn't build upon that.

    The game was already ruin for energy players. You can easily spend 10,000 energy points and not get any loot in Brazil. The upside was that things improved for stamina - better and more loot and faster fighting. But frankly the new menu system is a step backwards. I've been playing MW since 2009 and, sadly, I think it is time to retire...

  6. I've been playing since the beginning on MySpace and crossed over, the timed events are wearing me down.

  7. Yes Miko, I will review the new fighting system within a few days I hope. It's another slow rollout and I don't have access to it yet. Have talked to a few players about it already and there doesn't seem to be much for downfalls or shortcomings. The times events do get old, but, like how you balance your account, it is all up to the players. Some people need to do everything and own everything, some people just pass it by. Keep in mind that the 50 point jump on 1 loot can easily be overshadowed by a couple of rebuilds adding to your attack/defense skills.