June 28, 2011

Death by Ice Family Fighting Event

It was only a matter of time that the new family feature got built into an event.  Here it comes in the form of an ice-as-many-as-you-can free-for-all.  There are 4 levels of mastery to the reward, each coinciding with the total number of icings obtained by everyone in your family.  Get into a family as soon as possible and get to icing.  Your count does not start over when you join a family, you continue to build on their current progress.

The mastery item here is "Ma".  Pretty good stats along the way, but after the first one or two levels, you will need to do lots of work.  Unless you join in with an already large family, you will need to be fighting multiple times daily to get to Ruby mastery.  With less than 8 days to finish, you will need almost 4,000 ices per day per family.  The top 10 icing families will earn the "Two Headed Snake" which comes with 175/175 for stats and 20 Skill Points to spend as you see fit.  There are 3 tiers of this animal in the inventory, so I'm guessing there will be other tiers for this bonus prize.

You can chart your progress on your mafia wars page:

Good luck everybody and Happy Icing!!
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  1. I think Zynga really got their calculations wrong on this one. You've got the entire pool of players searching for a very limited number of opportunities to ice. A single list on the fighting page has about 20 names refreshing every 20 seconds or so. There are probably a million people clicking on those names. Even if you go after the person who stole your icing you're still one of a million. I'm sure I'm not the only person who has stopped fighting completely because there's no one available to fight.

  2. Does it matter what city you ice in?

  3. No, it does not matter which city you fight in. Just need to ice the person. Currently, most of the fight list is dead 5 seconds after it refreshes. Get that clicking finger ready!!

  4. can anyone tell me how can i leave a family and join a new one

  5. Fighting is boring, hardly do it and won,t start because of this so called event


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