June 11, 2011

A Family Affair Mission Walkthrough

Here comes the first Mission after Zynga's promise to not focus on so many "Ask Mafias" and spamming mafias events.  I need to say that I am pleasantly surprised.  Not a single ask for help or wall post.  The loot is good and there is plenty of it.

Part 1:

The 15 Rival Family members are 2 stamina each on the fight list and the NyC job is 31 energy each.  Pretty easy first step and it comes with 4 Venomous, which are strong loots.

Part 2:

Declare a war once (8 hour timer).  Build 2 Vehicles (18 hour timer).  12 Rival Family Leaders are now 4 stamina each and the job costs 36 energy.  Not much for loot, but there is plenty more to come.

Part 3:

Activate 4 crew members should be easy unless you already have all 8 activated, then you have to wait.  Make sure you turn on the Lockpick position for double loot when you are going for the Forearm Guards (189 Energy per job).  Fight 20 opponents in Brazil or just fight one person 20 times.  Step back for the loot on this one, but still decent stuff if you haven't maxed on the newer loot.

Part 4:

Declare a war once (8 hour timer).  With only 5 properties in Brazil, each one is pretty prominent on the robbing board, so I would just clear a few boards and you'll have your 9 Headquarter robs.  Rival Family members are 6 Stamina each on the fight list.  Job is 351 energy on Ruby.  Five Field Riders for a reward, which most people will be happy with.

Part 5:

Win another 15 fights in Brazil, 7 Stamina each for your Rivals and 405 Energy each on the job.  Eight Aquariums for a reward, which probably won't help most people, but gift them to your lower level mafia and they'll appreciate it.

Part 6:

2-for-1 special:  Win 20 fights in Italy and ice 5 opponents.  Only 40 Energy per job and the rewards for this one are really good.

Part 7:

Win 1 war (8 hour timer).  Rob 9 Barracks in Brazil.  Loot 10 Laser Guided RPGs via fighting (took me 63 fights).  459 Energy per job makes this one pretty costly.  Loot isn't the greatest, but only 1 part left.

Part 8:

10 Stamina per Rival.  Ice 10 Opponents in Brazil and 486 Energy per job.  The loot on this is one of the coolest looking things in recent memory and it also has great stats at 151 Attack/91 Defense.

Good luck and take your time!!
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  1. Wow Zynga is really fucking us low level ( 500+ ) players, with a balanced playstyle, on that one...
    Not even sure if I can finish that one

  2. no hope for me >,<

  3. this mission sucks a shitload of energy if you've mastered the brazil cities. DAMN!

  4. I've spent a ton of stamina on the last level trying to ice 10 opponents in Brazil and still haven't iced a single one!

  5. best mission E V E R ... i like it a lot. of course it is energy and stamina consuming but you don't have to ask your mafia for help what speeds the whole process up a lot! thanks zynga!!!

  6. there are three new achievements: to kill some assassin 1, 10 and 100 times. haven't found out so far where this assassin is hiding though.

  7. I really do appreciate not having to spam mafia for help. Especially since I don't really have any other active friends, I'm going it Solo. Yeah it's a bit of an energy/stamina sap but that's a reasonable trade I guess. And luckily for me, I hadn't started Brazil or Italy yet so the jobs were a little cheaper on the energy costs. Even though I did have to power through a couple districts. Oh well, lots of skill points =)

  8. Nice, i've got Death's Head and i've stopped playing for 2-3 days. Now i logged in 30 minutes ago and voila, mission is available for me again. Need to wait for some energy, and i'll have 2 Death's Heads ^^