June 30, 2011

Freedom Fighters Gifting Event

We haven't had a gifting event for a while and this one comes along in celebration of the 4th of July.  Once again, 3 gifts with 3 tiers of mastery and there is a Grand Prize.  A little something different this time is that the gifts actually do something for you.  Each time you accept one of these limited time gifts, you will get 5 boosts.  Here are the breakdowns:

As you can see, the gifts are pretty good for this type of event.  Achieving Gold Level Mastery on each will yield a loot with a score of 100+ strength.  

The first gift is a +150 defense boost, followed by a +150 attack boost and the final is a +200 defense boost. You can pick these up from wall posts or via free gifts.

The tiers are 4/10/20 and if the past events are any indication, we will be able to cycle through this 3 times once all 3 gifts are released.  Good luck everybody and Happy 4th!!
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  1. hey i know this isn't related, but is anyone else having trouble with brawler? mine just keeps saying loading fightlist and session timed out. thanks!

  2. yes, brawler is not working, i changed to assasinator since i have the new fight module