June 7, 2011

New Fight / Robbing Loot 6/7/2011

Zynga has rolled out 4 new Fight/Robbing Loots.  Not sure what sense they make as 2 of them replace the last round of Fight Loot and 2 of them don't replace anything.    Regardless, I'm sure the fighters and robbers will want to max on the 2 as soon as possible.

The Fearsome Flying Fortress replaces the Slipstream from the previous wave of Fight Loot.  Slipstreams are 78 defense so you can gain almost 1000 defense points here.

The Femme Shot replaces the Windswept from the last wave as well.  The Windswept is 78 attack so the +3 improvement will allow for 1000+ point gain in attack.

The Beluga is a decent animal to bring to a fight, but for some, it won't do any good.  The 69 attack score on it is beaten out by the Talon (79 attack - Fight Loot), the Sea Eagle (74 attack - Italy), and the Thresher Shark (73 attack - Fight Club).

Not really sure on the point of the Gun Barge.  It has an attack score of 50, which is beaten by many things.  Most players should have the majority of their attack vehicles at least filled with the likes of X-22 Peregrines (53 attack) and Amphiquads (58 attack).  Other than looking pretty cool, as far as I can tell - This is a pointless Fight Loot add.

Happy fighting and robbing!!
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  1. Pointless is the very definition of these Fight loot. But if you are lucky your not most of the hardworking mafia war players who didn't waste their last couple of months on iceing thousands of players just for getting the last loot update. More power to ya.

    FN Zynga, This is a mockery. We needed WEP Attack and Armor Deffense Update. NOT the same type rehash.

  2. from which level i can get the new fightloot??