June 8, 2011

Precious Gems Now Dropping From Robbing!!

After months of speculation that the Precious Gems didn't actually drop in Brazil, it appears the rumors were correct.  Precious Gems started dropping from Robbing in Brazil and are pretty plentiful.  I picked one up on my 10th property after hearing the rumors of them dropping.

Vaulting the collection gives you very good rewards:

Collect them all again and you get the revault option.

All of the revault bonuses are very good with the exception of the cash.  Some players can use it, but if you have enough stamina to rob enough to revault this collection, cash is probably not an issue for you.

When this collection was first released, the info attached to it was that you could revault them once a day.  Currently, there doesn't seem to be a limit to the revault button.  With 20,000+ Stamina, I was able to revault the collection a total of 6 times.  Grand total of Gems dropped - 56.  Total bonuses - Two +10 Attack and Four +10 Defense.  Overall, this is going to be a great collection/feature for Robbers.  These Gems are not giftable and I don't foresee them ever being giftable.  The revault rewards are pretty significant and I think if they ever opened these up for gifting, Zynga would probably get rid of the revault bonuses which would be detrimental to the Brazil Robbing experience.

There is a built-in protection for your first of each Gem.  Anything you have more than 1 of is fair game for others to rob so make sure you fill your Guardian position in Brazil for added protection for the rest of them.   The only downfall for robbers on this one is that the Experience:Stamina ratio is not as good in Brazil as it is in other cities.

Good luck everyone with this new great feature and Happy Robbing!!
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