June 3, 2011

Staten Island Challenge Mission Walkthrough

We haven't had one of these events in a while, so I was a bit surprised when I got this popup when I logged into mafia wars.  These events generally only had 1 good loot at the end, but this one seems to have top loot for each chapter.  If for nothing else, I recommend doing this event for the skill points gained.  Once you get to Staten Island, you get this info tab:

As you can see, this is a 7 day event.  Chapter 1 is the only part accessible at the moment.  Chapter 2 unlocks after 2 days and Chapter 3 unlocks 2 days after that.  The consumable needed this time around is called the Ferry Pass.  The unique thing about this event is that Zynga decided to stick with the icing theme and awards them only on ices during your fight runs.  Zynga seems to be gearing more towards fighters every day, which is angering the energy account players.  It doesn't appear that any Ferry Passes drop from jobs yet, but it may change.  They are available through your Free Gifts page as well as Wall Posts from the event.

Immediately upon entering Staten Island, you can collect 20 Ferry Passes and the timer begins ticking on the 23 hour clock.  There are 4 jobs in this tier and the energy:experience ratios are actually 1:2 or better for all jobs.  Beware the caution flag and the increased energy requirements that come along with it every 6 jobs.

Do 6 more jobs before the 8 hour cool-down timer is up and you will encounter the 2nd tier of caution:

Here is the total breakdown for Chapter 1:

Ride Along to Investigate - 15% Mastery per job, 11 Energy/1 Ferry Pass on a Green Meter, 22 Energy/2 Ferry Passes on Yellow Meter, 27 Energy/3 Ferry Passes on Red Meter.

Reassure Illegal Business Partners - 10% Mastery per job, 22 Energy/1 Ferry Pass on a Green Meter, 44 Energy/2 Ferry Passes on Yellow Meter, 55 Energy/3 Ferry Passes on Red Meter.

Set a Trap for Ambushers - 8% Mastery per job, 38 Energy/2 Ferry Passes on a Green Meter, 77 Energy/3 Ferry Passes on Yellow Meter, 93 Energy/4 Ferry Passes on Red Meter.

Make the Deal - 7% Mastery per job, 44 Energy/2 Ferry Passes on a Green Meter, 88 Energy/3 Ferry Passes on Yellow Meter, 104 Energy/4 Ferry Passes on Red Meter.

So if you do 6 jobs every 8 hours, you will have to do a total of 45 jobs and use a total of 73 Ferry Passes.  This will drag you past the Chapter 2 release time, so you may have to do some jobs on the Yellow Caution Meter.

Good Reward for finishing these 4 jobs:

Good luck and make sure you share those Ferry Passes with your Mafia Family!
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  1. I saw this briefly this am, and do not seem to be able to find it now? What goes on?

  2. Should be in your dropdown travel menu. After the first popup for the new addition, it won't advertise it anymore.

  3. Is there a level requirement to be enter Staten Island? I don't see this event on my game, but heard of it from word of mouth.

  4. @Vaca: There's no level requirement, as far as I can tell. My brother started to play but quit at Level 45, and I can verify that it's available to him if I sign in under his account.

    The fact that you can earn Ferry Tickets from icing is making this the easiest "multi-chapter mission" that we've seen. There's no need to pace yourself and watch the 8-hour timer if you have more tickets than you could possibly need...

  5. I'm not sure I agree with OtherBill that this is the easiest. The total number of ferry tickets required is fairly high, particularly as you have to run into the Orange and Red zones in order to complete this on time. It required a fairly substantial amount of fighting to collect enough ferry tickets. It's not impossible, but they've guaranteed that we spend 1-2 hours per day fighting.

  6. This was scheduled to be over yesterday. Today I notice that there are another two days on my timer. I guess enough people complained about the number of tickets needed that they extended it.

  7. Mafia Wars did this before. They extend the timer right after we use reward points to finish the mission before the clock runs out. These bastards..

  8. Yeah noticed too
    I was in the 3rd part, with 2 missions to go. Now there is no Saten Island no more. Ussually it extended it self..