June 7, 2011

Top Obtainable Loots 6/7/2011

I still do not have the new Fighting module on my account and I'm getting a little angry . . . So I will bore you with what I call the "Obtainable Loots".  These are the loots that one can obtain in bulk via fighting, robbing, jobbing, trading, etc.  The "Top 8" does not include Marketplace Loot or Operation Loot (who can really loot 500 of each of those??!!).  You can pick up the five Fight Loots 5 at a time fighting in Brazil.  The Splint Greaves are Fight Club items and will cost you 250,500 Victory Coins for 501 of them, so those will take a bit of work.  The Roman Legions can be looted in Italy or traded for if you are in the ever growing Mafia Wars trade market.  The Black Caimans are probably the hardest to obtain for most people as they are a very rare loot drop in Brazil.

If you max on everything on the left, your Attack Score will be at least 154,809.
If you max on everything on the right, your Defense Score will be at least 155,811.

Sorry to bore you with this, but I JUST WANT THE NEW FIGHTING MODULE!!!!
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  1. I was looking at the Brazil City Store and noticed that there were items that I didn't own because I haven't needed them in jobs. I would guess things like the Whip Scorpion, Seeker UAV, Portable Telescope, and Tribal Bow are going to be needed in the later regions in Brazil. Any idea when those regions might be released?

  2. Zynga has recently started plugging new Brazil regions coming soon on their blogs and such. With the new loot entered in the game, I would imagine Brazil 6-8 should be released within 2 weeks or so. My best guess is that it will be around the 23rd or so.