July 9, 2011

Jackpot Anything To Win Mission Event WalkThrough

One mission ends and another begins.  This one is very time consuming and without careful planning, you will be spending Reward Points to finish this in time.  9 parts, let's get started.

Part 1:

Job in NyC costs 27 energy.  War has an 8 hour timer and the Mob Connections are 2 Stamina each on the fight list.  Great rewards throughout this mission and you start with an Emu which will make it in your top 501 for attack and defense.

Part 2:

Wall post for 5 Manila Envelopes.  Vegas jobs is 108 energy.  Clear 3 robbing boards in any city.  Not much for rewards on this step other than that NyC cash that everyone needs.

Part 3:

24 hour timer on the hotel so you will be waiting a minimum of 48 hours to finish this step.  The job costs 27 energy as long as you have the consumable, otherwise that job will cost you 9 energy.  Search wall posts for war help as you need 3 of them, but should find that many in the 2 days you are waiting for the first step.

Part 4:

21 energy cost on the NyC job.  Armory has an 18 hour timer, so again, 36 hours to complete this step at minimum.  Getting the idea of time needed for this mission yet???  Great rewards with 2 guns.

Part 5:

8 hour timer on the flophouse collection.  Activate 4 members of your brazil crew which could take up to 8 hours to clear.  3 supports from your mafia (wall post).  Reward is the Monofin which some may remember from the Crack the Safe event a while back.

Part 6:

8 hour timer on the Brazil property.  Job in NyC costs 11 energy.  8 hour timer on the war.  I would suggest with this event to not collect anything and not start any wars until the mission tells you to.

Part 7:

3 Stamina on the fight list for the Former Allies and 3 energy on the easy job in NyC.  Great rewards with 3 weapons.

Part 8:

48 hours on the Mega Casino collect.  Took me 42 boards to find 6 casinos to rob, so I suggest robbing off the fight list.  8 hour timer on the wars again.

Part 9:

Easy check on the first step.  You have to fill all spots in Brazil, so it will take 8 hours to clear.  10 supports from your mafia and win 40 fights.  Loot is great and the mission is done.

The bare minimum timeline for this event is 132 hours, so you have very little wiggle room if you don't want to spend the Reward Points.  Good Luck and I hope you hit the Jackpot!!
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