August 31, 2011

Cuba Re-Opened for a Limited Time!!

Cuba is now reopen for everyone for a limited time only.  I find it hard to believe that they did a full revamp and added in new features and requirements to Cuba to only leave it open for the next 12 days, but only time will tell.

For those who hadn't completed Cuba yet, you will pick up where you left off and get 3x mastery on the old jobs.  Cuba now has 4 levels in each job tier.  If you completed Cuba before, you will automatically have Bronze, Silver, and Gold mastery and start in on Ruby level.  The job requirements for Cuba have not increased for the Ruby level, but each job done only accounts for 3% towards Ruby mastery.  That means that each job in each of the 6 job tiers needs to be done 34 times.

One thing you will notice is that Politico Corruptos are now useless.  They have been replaced by Cuban Mercenaries, which can be sent as free gifts, collected from your Bribery Ring or looted from specific jobs in the first 3 Cuban tiers.  Total number needed is 34x18 = 612.  If you already have your Bribery Ring maxed, you will get 31 each time you collect (8 hour timer).  So, you will have plenty to complete Ruby mastery if you collect even twice a day.

Stay tuned for the new Cuban Mission Walkthrough and the 10 new Cuban loots.  Good luck and hurry up!!
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