August 13, 2011

Mission Event: Get a Grip Walkthrough

A new mission comes to us with great rewards, plus a secret district reward.  This may breathe a little bit of life back into the way Zynga does things.

Part 1:

Easiest job ever for an event:  1 energy.  Declare a war once (8 hour timer) and you get some great rewards.

Part 2:

Search your newsfeed for 5 war helps.  Build 1 Weapon and 1 Armor (18 hour time).  No loots, but a fairly easy step.

Part 3:

Get support from your Mafia (MW request help).  Fight 40 opponents and build 1 Vehicle (18 hour timer).  No loot again and the NyC cash seems unnecessary.

Part 4:

Travel to Italy (pretty easy!).  Job costs 162 energy on Ruby and buy 1 item from your Port (23 hour timer).  Always wanted the Blood Tiger.  It was released back in the Charlie Sheen media craze.

Part 5:

Take out 12 Spies (5 Stamina each on the fight list).  Declare 1 war (8 hour timer).  No loot again, but at least you get Italy cash.

Part 6:

Travel to Brazil (again, easy).  Job costs 81 energy on Ruby and activating the 8 crew members is easy if you have a clear queue in Brazil (otherwise it's an 8 hour timer).  Great loot reward with 2 Loki's Helmets and Brazil $$.

Part 7:

Take out 20 Smugglers (8 Stamina each on the fight list).  Get 8 supports from your mafia (again, mw request help, not wall post).  Job costs 756 energy on Ruby so it may take a while if you are a fighter or lower level account.  5 hired guns are nice if you aren't to 501 yet.

Part 8:

Rob 27 times in Brazil (successfully).  Help in 5 more wars and win 1 (8 hour timer).  Great rewards with the Grip 950 Special and you unlock the Brazil Secret District.

Time is limited on this district, so work on only that to gain the skills or they will be lost forever.  Good luck everybody!!
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  1. Does the timer on the district start when you unlock it or is there a standard end time? Makes a bit of difference as to whether you should finish off mission immediately or wait until you have full energy.

  2. There is a standard end time on district. After they released this mission, they modified it as a "Head-start" mission. If you don't finish the mission, you can still access the secret district, but you just won't have as long to finish it.

  3. There was a massive nerf on the XP ratios on this. When it was first released it was over 4:1 on most jobs. They quickly realized their mistake and dropped it to about 2.3 range. It's still the best ratio around. My account favors energy and i was able to power level through the region in less than a day even at 2.3.