August 19, 2011

Mission Event: Smuggler's Secret Walkthrough

Well, once you finish the "To Smuggle a Mockingbird" mission, one final step pops up and allows you to double your loot.  This one is not easy, as it is an all-combined-into-one-step mission.  Most players will not be able to Ruby master the Smuggler's Haven District as job costs are extremely high and you only have a limited time to complete it.

You need to ice 50 opponents in Brazil.  This will take a ton of Stamina as each fight in Brazil cost 5x the Stamina.  The 10 Life Savers were quick drops as I got them in 22 fights.  The Ruby mastery will take a while.  If you have a bunch of energy, do the first 1 or 2 tiers quickly.  After that, make sure you are doing at least your 20 jobs every 8 hours with the Strategist turned on for double mastery.  You get another Kookaburra.  Extremely time consuming and you already have 1 of them, so it may not be worth it for most players to complete.  If you do, congrats!!  Everyone - Good Luck!!
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