August 4, 2011

Mission Event: Wild Thing Walkthrough

Hey y'all, sorry I've been away.  New business venture tore me away for a couple weeks.  I'm going to try to get back into the informative nature of this blog.

In continuing with their back-to-back-to-back missions, the Bangkok mission ended and now we get the Wild Thing Mission Event.  Without further ado:

Part 1:

Start off with only 4 supports from your mafia.  Took me 36 fights to loot the 15 Big Cages.  Make sure you activate the Lockpick position in Brazil for double loot for the last step.  Took me 8 jobs to loot 12 at 459 energy per (6x2 successful loot jobs).  You can also go back to District 1 and do the "Ask an Informant" job and loot them for 81 energy per click.  Get your experience and Real and on to the next part.

Part 2:

Ice 4 opponents in Brazil.  Job cost 351 energy and the Headquarters have an 8 hour collect timer.  Great rewards with 5 animals at 87 attack.  Should be in just about everyone's top 501.

Part 3:

Get 5 more supports from your mafia.  2-for-1 special with looting 12 Bird Cages while winning 16 fights.  Black Market has a 23 hour timer (speed it up for 16 RP).  No rewards again, but take the experience and move on.

Part 4:

Rob 18 times in Brazil.  Took me 6 boards and almost 400 Stamina to loot the 12 Aquariums.  Activate your Lockpick again.  Job is 594 energy and requires a Gas Can also.  Great animals again (sensing a theme?).  You get 2 Kakas (79/92) which will help most again.

Part 5:

Ask for 5 Metal Containers (wall post help).  12 Smugglers are 8 Stamina each on the Fight List.  Job costs 243 energy and a Gas Can.  Don't forget you can build Gas Cans in your Brazil Property if you run short.  Build 2 Weapons from the Depot (18 hour timer) and you're done.

Part 6:

You get 2 choices to acquire the 20 Motion Sensor Explosives.  The first option is the 189 energy "Intimidate the Local Crime Ring" job or you can rob in Brazil.  Cost me 310 Stamina to get the 20.  2-for-1 special again looting 12 Terrariums (took me 36 fights) while fighting 30 opponents.  2 King Cobras (80/62) are a bit of a step back in loot, but good nonetheless.

Part 7:

12 Fat Cat Bodyguards are 11 Stamina each on the fight list.  Job costs 621 energy on Ruby level.

Part 8:

Activate 5 Brazil crew members (may take up to 8 hours to clear if you have all the spots filled already).  Rob 12 Private Zoos (15 Stamina each) and loot 10 Exotic Animal Feeds from Robbing (took me 6 boards in NYC).  Wish the reward had a little higher attack, but the Golden Tabby Tiger is pretty awesome anyways at 63/153.  Collect and Done!!!

Nice little mission, shouldn't have to wait around for too many steps, but some of them are time consuming.  Good Luck everyone and enjoy!!
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