August 20, 2011

Special Event: 2x Fight Loot Weekend

Running through Sunday night, there are 2x the fight rewards.  That means if you are fighting in Brazil, you will get 10x loot you would get in other cities (yes, you spend more stamina, but it's easier).

This will be a good weekend for you to make big gains in both attack and defense by earning the rare fight loot drops.  Be on the lookout for these items:

Bolt Pistol     100/46
Idle Hands     45/79
Tainted Blades    35/74
Femme Shot 81/45
Windswept 78/43
Climber Leggings 50/85
Hang Man 86/48
Flying Fortress 47/80
Slipstream       44/78
Talon 79/44
Barn Owl      51/98
Gold Poison Frog 30/75
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