September 13, 2011

Mission Event: Lead Into Gold Walkthrough

As a tie-in to the new Secret District, we get a new 7 step mission from Zynga.  It will take time and does require you to do jobs in the new district, so to save on energy costs, start this right away before mastering new job tiers.

Part 1:

Activate 4 Crew in Brazil (may take 8 hours if you are already full).  Acquire 8 armors via looting, city store, buying, whatever you can think of.  Jungle maps come in handy, as does the Real.

Part 2:

Buy 2 Horny Toad ATVs from the Brazil Black Market (18 hour timer).  Fight 40 opponents in Brazil (yes, can be the same person 40 times) and the job is 108 energy on Bronze.  No loot this time, but on to the next!

Part 3:

Need to collect lots of loot here.  The top 4 you need 8 each and can be acquired via jobs.  I got some in Italy and Vegas as well, so don't worry about focusing on Brazil.  The 10 Everglade Rat Snakes come from fighting (took me 45 fights) and the Golden Poison Frogs come from robbing (cleared almost 100 boards for those).  Nice 103 attack loot for a reward.

Part 4:

Wall post help for 6 Shrapshields.  Loot 18 Firebombs robbing in Brazil (took me 8 boards).  4 more Jungle Maps will come in handy in the Secret District.

Part 5:

Good old 2-for-1 special:  Win 15 fights and loot 20 Golden Tigers fighting (took me 58 fights to get them).  Declare war 2 times (8 hour timer for most depending on Family Perks).  Nice loot in the Amazon Pit Vipers which are a random drop in the new District.

Part 6:

Ice 10 opponents in Brazil.  Collect from your Barracks twice (8 hour timer) and the job costs 126 energy on Bronze.  Another random new loot drop for reward.

Part 7:

Another wall post for 6 items.  Amateur Tomb Raiders are 5 Stamina each on the fight list and the job is 144 energy.  That's it!  Great reward with the Zipa (155/85).  Get started on this right away and try not to master too much before finishing the mission.  Good luck and happy icing!!
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  1. I wonder why my reward Experience pts for each part were 1/2 of that you received.

  2. Experience rewards are based on your level. They are not the same for everyone.