September 1, 2011

Mission Event: Return to Cuba Walkthrough

The latest mission that comes to us ties in with the temporary reopening of Cuba.  Lots of speculation on the future of Cuba, but for now, get the mission done and get all the jobs mastered or you may never have a chance at those valued skill points again.  As for the mission, here we go!!

Part 1:

Find 3 Brown Anoles and 4 Seaside Runners via fighting in Cuba (took me 90 Stamina).  Find 5 Smokers and 6 Barrier Coats via robbing in Cuba (if you have no robbing boards in Cuba, NyC robbing will work).  Great loots to start with 2 Smokers (65 attack/97 defense).  For once, they actually give you money for the city of the mission's basis - Pesos!!

Part 2:

Get support from your mafia 5 times.  Loot 8 Trigger Happys from fights (151 attack weapons).  Took me 48 Fights.  No loot, but the Trigger Happys make this step worth it.

Part 3:

Clear 3 Robbing Boards (cleared mine in NyC).  Ask for 9 Backpacks (wall post help).  Acquire 10 Cuban Mercenaries and you're done.  Cubans you can get from free gifts, select jobs in Cuba or from collecting from your Bribery Ring.  Again, great loot as a reward with the Barrier Coat (96/60) and more Pesos!

Part 4:

Win 25 fights in Cuba.  Another 12 supports via Facebook requests.  Then loot 6 more Mercenaries from Cuba jobs.

Part 5:

Collect from your Bodega 3 times (8 hour timer).  Build a vehicle in your Chop Shop (18 hour timer).  Acquire 15 more Mercenaries.  This may seem like a lot of getting Mercenaries, but you will need a ton of them to finish Cuba.

Part 6:

Declare a War 3 times (8 hour timer).  Ask for 8 Backpacks (wall post help).  Rob 8 Mega Casinos in NyC. Great set of vehicles and more Pesos.

Part 7:

If you still have one of those wars active from the previous part, a win will count towards this mission too.  You will still need to win another one as 2 victories total are required.  Ice 20 opponents in Cuba, and collect the Sleet (84/155).  Plan ahead and make sure to focus on the multiple collect parts as they may take up to 24 hours.  Good Luck and enjoy Cuba!!
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  1. Hello :)
    I've got a problem with this new mission, I'm stuck at part 5: Come one, Come All! It says acquire 15 Cuban mercenaries, I collect some from gifts, property etc.. but when I click 'Jobs' or 'Fights' they just reset to 0! do you have any idea why? Tkx

  2. Re:Anonymous, hi i got the same problem like you before. it happened when you collect from your property Bribery ring. you will collect cuban mercenaries from there but will not accumulate on acquiring cuban merc from the mission we doin. instead it will reset the counter to 0. better to recollect again from gifts only

  3. ok mate thanks :)