October 25, 2011

Mission Event: Money on the Water Walkthrough

Yes, it has been a while since I have posted, but the drop-off of Mafia Wars players has led to a decrease in traffic at the site and I have been pondering how much time to put into a revamp.

For the time being though, let's get the new mission updated.

Coming at us is a Chicago based 8-part mission.  This is nice because it will get you acquainted with the new city, plus you get 2 weeks to do it.  Get started right away though as there are a few steps where you will be waiting for timers.

Part 1:

Get 4 Crew Members in Chicago (or Brazil works too).  Buy 1 item at your Warehouse (23 hour timer).  Decent defense loot, but nothing to spectacular.

Part 2:

Collect from your Truck Shop (8 hour timer).  Ice 12 Opponents in Chicago.  Job costs 162 energy on Ruby level.  No loot, not many Clams, but experience is good.

Part 3:

Ask for 5 envelopes via Wall-post help.  Loot 20 Sonny's Suits from a 378 energy job (took me 78 jobs).  The Wharf Patrol is 15 Stamina on the Fight List.  Nice loot and experience for rewards.

Part 4:

Get support from 5 mafia via Facebook request.  Clear 5 Robbing Boards in Chicago.  Fight 40 Opponents in Chicago.  No loot, but a pretty easy part.

Part 5:

Collect 20 Locksmiths from jobs (108-216 Energy on Ruby, took me 35 jobs - stick to the higher energy requirement ones, the drop ratio is higher).  Collect 20 Robber's Utility Belts from fighting (took me 83 fights).  Collect 20 Bisects from robbing (took 26 robbing boards).

Part 6:

Took me 8 robbing boards to loot the 15 Freighters.  Make 2 items from your Speakeasy (8 hour timer if you haven't upgraded).  The job requirement is 756 energy on Ruby.  Great loot for a reward with 2 Hotsy Totsys.

Part 7:

Rob 20 times (successfully) in Chicago.  Win 20 Fights in Chicago.  Declare a war 3 times (8 hour timer).  No loot, but you are almost done!!

Part 8:

Activate 5 Crew in Chicago.  You may have to wait for your helpers to clear (8 hours).  Collect from your Truck Shop 3 times (8 hour timer).  Great loot with the River Otter.  Wish it would have been something Halloween based, but oh well.  Not very many Clams for a reward either.

Good luck, start early and enjoy!!  Happy killing.
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