November 16, 2011

Mission Event: Family Gatherings Walkthrough

One mission ends, another begins.  Here comes a 9 part Italy based mission which is very very time consuming.  Use this walkthrough to time your property collects, level ups and wars and you should be able to finish on time, but it will be close.

Part 1:

Activate 5 crew in Chicago (8 hour timer).  Travel to Italy (easy!).  Clear 4 robbing boards (any city will do). Get 5 spam supports from your mafia - this gets a little tricky as Zynga transfers everything to the new gifting system.  Not everyone will get the request you send them.  Great loot for the first part of this mission, but don't get your expectations up - it gets a lot WORSE.

Part 2:

Collect 6 Severed Pinkies from robbing in Italy (getting them from the Intercept a Handoff job doesn't give you credit, took me 7 robbing boards).  Collect 6 Rail Tickets from robbing (no credit again from job, took me 6 robbing boards).  Collect 6 Sets of Hidden Charges (41 fights).  Finally, collect 6 smart phones from jobs in Italy.  It takes you to region 8, but you can go back to region 4 and collect them from the smart phone job for less (105 energy).  If you aren't maxed on Barn Owls from fighting/robbing, these will come in handy.

Part 3:

10 more spam supports from your mafia, but these are the last ones.  Collect from your Villa 4 times (4 hour timer).  Buy 3 items from your Port (23 hour timer).  No loot, but you did get 2 Hired Guns (ha!).

Part 4:

Declare a war 5 times (8 hour timer).  Rob 35 times (successfully) in Italy.  Again, no loot.

Part 5:

Do "Discover the Conspiracy" 30 times (40 energy on Ruby).  Ask for 10 Confidential Records via wallpost help.  Surprise, no loot.

Part 6:

Assassins are 4 Stamina on the fight list.  Ice 30 opponents in Italy (at least it will help towards the new Ice Season event).  Collect from your Football Stadium 3 times (18 hour timer).  2 Golden Parrots which are +4 over the Barn Owls.

Part 7:

Win 25 fights in Italy and the job costs 72 Stamina on the fight path.

Part 8:

Win 3 Wars (8 hour timer or you can be the one to finish another member's war).  Win 100 fights in Italy and the Assassins are now 10 Stamina on the fight list.  Nothing but garbage loot.  At least they could have come up with some new stuff for Thanksgiving rather than recycle loot that is a few years old.

Part 9:

Job cost is 243 energy.  Buy 10 animals from the city store (or acquire them from loot drops, whatever you prefer).  Collect from your Winery 4 times (6 hour timer).  That's it!  Lots of stalls, not much for loot, I wouldn't be surprised if most people skipped this one.  If you time everything out perfectly, it will take you 148 hours in just the property and war stalls - that's 6 days worth of waiting.  The Grand Prize is a Chomp Rocket:

Good luck y'all and happy icing!!
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