December 11, 2011

Mission Event: Conspiracy Walkthrough

Sorry I'm a few days late on this one, but you still have plenty of time to get it done.  It's a 9-part mission and most steps are pretty quickly done.

Part 1:

Get 6 supports from your mafia.  Fight 40 opponents in Chicago (multiple attacks on one rival counts).  Loot 18 Wooden Crates from Job (162 Energy).  Be sure to turn on your Lockpick bonus for double loot.  Took me 41 jobs.  Not much for rewards yet, but they're coming.

Part 2:

Activate 6 Crew in Chicago (8 hour timer).  Job costs 270 on Ruby.  Collect from your Distillery 2 times (8 hour timer).  Decent animals for those of you who haven't maxed on Goblin Sharks.

Part 3:

Win 40 fights in Chicago (same rival is fine again).  Loot 15 Hit Squads from Job (324 Energy, took 31 jobs).  No loot again, but experience is pretty decent.

Part 4:

Ask for 10 Wallpost helps.  Rob 30 properties (successfully) in Chicago.  Job costs 378 energy.  Sugar Daddys should help most, but if not, they are giftable at least.

Part 5:

Need 8 support spams.  Fight 95 Opponents in Chicago.  Job costs 756 Energy.  No loot again and the cash rewards are decreasing!

Part 6:

Build 2 armors (18 hour timer).  Ice 20 Opponents (have to be in Chicago).  Take out 9 Ruthless Feds (11 Stamina on fightlist).  Good loot and it's all giftable.

Part 7:

15 Wallpost helps.  Clear 3 Robbing boards in Chicago.  Loot 25 Wooden Crates from Job (972 Energy).  Took me 102 jobs.  Ridiculous!!!!  This step will probably be a stopping point for most players.  Barn Owls are good for you unless you already have 10,000 of them from fighting/robbing.

Part 8:

Need 8 of each item.  Took me 23 jobs, 9 robbing boards, and 39 fights in Chicago.  No loot, but hey, 20 Clams can almost buy you a decent loot item.

Part 9:

Get 5 mafia supports.  Job costs 810 Energy on Ruby.  Collect from your Truck Shop 3 times (8 hour timer).  Loot during this mission left a little to be desired.  The Mortal Coil is pretty good, but it's the only piece of loot that helped me in this mission.

Good Luck everybody and happy hunting!!

Oops!  On second thought, here's a little bonus mission that pops up after you collect the Mortal Coil.

8 hour timer on Distillery and Wars plus icing 25 Opponents in Chicago.  Not too bad, but will take at least 3 days given the wait times between resets.
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