December 23, 2011

Mission Event: Dearly Departed Walkthrough

Just in time for Christmas, a little present from Zynga . . . a 9-part mission!

14 days to finish it.  You will have to utilize a few timers, but for the most part, if you don't have a lot of energy, you will not finish this mission.

Part 1:

Acquire 10 weapons (I just bought 10 in NyC).  Build 2 armors (18 hour timer) and fight 60 opponents in Chicago.  Nice first loot on this one.  3 Hotsy Totsys (102 attack vehicle).

Part 2:

Build 2 items from your Warehouse (23 hour timer).  Activate 6 crew in Chicago (8 hour timer).  Loot 15 shoes from a 864 energy job (drop rate was near 100%, don't forget to activate your double loot bonus).

Part 3:

Get 5 spam supports.  Do 40 jobs at 189 energy.  Rob 40 times (successfully) in Brazil.  You get 2 Muzzle Madnesses out of this one (119 defense weapon).

Part 4:

Clear 4 robbing boards (any city works).  Get 8 supports from a wall post.  Win 35 fights in Italy.  Done.  Easy.

Part 5:

Collect from your Truck Shop 4 times (8 hour timer).  Ice 25 opponents in Brazil (will take a lot of stamina).  Rob 10 Barracks (try to rob the same one over and over - it's easier than clearing boards).  Not sure why the loot got so much worse on this one.  At least you can gift it.

Part 6:

1080 energy job 30 times!  Declare a war 4 times (8 hour timer depending on family progress).  Take out 7 Melvillion Brothers (13 stamina each on the fight list).

Part 7:

Acquire 15 animals (again, buy from NyC city store).  1080 energy requirement again, but this time it's 40 jobs!  Fight 80 opponents in NyC.  Great rewards with 2 Suicide Spatz (144/127 armor).

Part 8:

864 energy job times 60.  Get 10 mafia spam supports.  Collect from your Headquarters 3 times (8 hour timer).  4 Sugar Daddy's for a reward.  If you don't need them, gift them!

Part 9:

Win 45 fights in Chicago.  Ask for 10 free gifts from your mafia (wall post).  Loot 25 Incriminating Documents from 432 energy job (I got about a 70% drop rate).  Collect the Z Reaper and you're done!!

Good luck y'all and happy hunting!
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  1. There's a Bonus Quest... BTW, keep up the great work!